Chrome Extensions For SEO

Chrome is fastest browser when compared to the other browsers which are now in use 🙂 
For a SEO Browser is a very important to analyse a site ann prepare report for that. Most of the SEO people use FireFox because it has a lot of Addons which  make their work easy. Recently google chrome also introduced these  Addons in the for of extensions and these extensons are really good and very helpful in analysing a page and its positon in different search engines and social media networks. In this article I am going to provide you some use full extensions which helps in analysing the page easy and faster.
 Here comes the Extensions.(I’ll updating this post if i find more help full extensions )
                          Analyzing a web page and its ranking in different search engines and net work is the post important task in SEO profession.  WooRank is the most help full site in order to analyse the web site and its ranking.  An extension has been released for this for chrome and it is more help full to us.
2. PageRank Status 
                   Knowing is pagerank for a web site is very important and based on this we can estimate the traffic and position of a particular site and we can proceed to further extent based on the type of site. This extension helps us to know the  website position in search engines and its level of indexing.
3.SEO Site Tools
                  This is also one of the most use full tool in order to analyse the website position and different social media net works and the back links of the site 

4. URL Shortener
              This is most help full extension in quick sharing the particular link with friends and we can share the link with some of the social net working sites link DIGG, Delicious,Twitter, Facebook easy 
5. Chrome SEO
          This is also one of the SEO extension and from this we can know the page status and ranking and it level of indexing in different search engines and media networking sites 
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6. Webpage Screenshot
                       This is a help full tool in order to take the screen shots of an web site. In some cases clients ask to change the page look and they ask us to give the images of previous look. In those cases this is most use full extension which makes our work very easy and simple instead of pressing Alt+Ctrl+Print screen and pasting the captured img in paint or photoshop. By using this extension we can capture the site where ever we want even the whole page also.

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