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Looking for free Bookmark submission sites then here are the 895 links of free bookmark submission sites. In order to optimize a web site we need to promote that through some bookmarking site which is a part of SMO (Social Media Optimization). 
I have asked many of the SEO people to suggest me some book marking sites but no one said more than Facebook, Digg, Delicious, Mixx but it is not so easy to get back links only through these sites. So I have searched a lot for these sites and came across  these sites. And mainly  i really thank my SEO friends because of them I have did a grate search in order to find these sites.   And i got nearly 895 sites in this. And these may help u 🙂 🙂 
 And if ur a SEO person i request u to please help the freshers in SEO and share ur knowledge with them. 
Bookmarking helps us in getting new visitors so just post interesting content with attractive title so that u you get good number of visitors. I have provide the links below based on their ranking so start posting from starting sites.        

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