How to add meta description tag to every blog post of blog spot

 Meta description tag is very important and most friendly with all Search Engine. Most of the search engine optimizer’s concentrate on this meta description. So in this post i want to show you How to add meta description tag to every blog post of blogspot blog. We can add the meta description and meta tags to our  blog spot and this will be shown in all the blog posts which we posted. Unfortunately this is not search engine friendly though your blog got crawled by search engines your post is not appeared when a person search for the keyword which you have posted. Because of this reason many bloggers are getting migrated to word press blogging. In word press blogs we can find many SEO plugins to make our blog more search engine friendly. In order to over come this problem in blogger i am going to show you a single line code. This helps you to make your blog spot blog more search engine friendly. 
By adding this code to your blogger it makes search engines to  crawl your description as your meta tag. So You have to make sure that you have added the keyword and keyword  phrases in the first 2-3 lines of your blog post. 
Step1 – Go to tour Blogger dash board > Design > Edit Html > Enable the click box of expand widget template 
Step2 – Search for the code below

Step3 – After finding this code place the below code just below to the code above i,e., Step2

Thats all you have done..!!

So from now when ever the search engines craw your blog then your description will be takes as your blog post meta tag.  The above tag helps you in giving meta description for your individual post.

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  1. ThNKS FOR THIS, i followed your advise from yahoo answer. Although i have not checked if this will really work. I will let you know. BTW, can you add you to my skype vic.dionisio

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