How to make Google to fall in love with your website

Hi friends today i want to share few things about Google and “ how to make Google to fall in love with your web site or blog. 
I think Google is similar to a beautiful girl. Just think how you impress a girl to love you. You will show more interest towards her and you will make many thing to impress her to look at you.  In the same manner you need to impress the Google or any other Se’s (Search Engines)

Here are some of the things that a common person does to impress a girl: 

1. Waring a nice dress
2. Exposing your talent with others. 
3. Showing grate respect 
4. Having good conversation
5. Showing interest in her
6. Respecting her friends and giving value to their opinions 
7. Being polite to her parents
8. Not criticize her
9. Being careful with what you say
10. Making her feel good
11. Being honest
12. Not ignoring her

These are some of the best ways to impress a girl and you need to follow the same things if you want to make Google or any SE to fall in love with your blog or a web site. 

Here i am going to say few tips to impress Google or any Search Engine: 

1. Build the site structure which is friendly with search engines by placing the right keywords and maintaining the w3 standards. 
2. Provide all the information in the landing page so that the visitor gets impressed with the page and visits the site frequently. This is a grate step for Search Engine Optimizers and designers as all you  talent will be shown here.
3. Content should be easy to understand and use the targeted keywords in the article and give hyper link to the targeted pages. 
4. Make  conversation with your audience by giving some give away contest and by placing poll and ask your visitors questions and try to maintain the long conversation. 
5. Be patience regarding the indexing and getting high rank. All this comes long run as you know that SEO is not a over night job.
6. Give value to your audience and respond to their doubts and help them to build their business. 
7. Follow the web master guide lines while optimizing and writing any article don’t stuff  lot of keywords in the content. 
8. Don’t ping too much of you links to search engines in order to index you page (Google is god god takes a look on each and every one in this world in the similar way Google crawls each and every page in a web site)
9. When you are talking or discussing a topic be care full and share the things which you are more familiar. Don’t go too depth because there may be a chance of thinking you as a spammer so be shot and clear. 
10. Maintain quality in the content which you are distributing and be friendly with the co-owners of the similar business and stay in touch with the blogs which are related to your niche. 
11. While you are offering any service be honesty and give your best and never try to cheat the audience as audience are the gods of our pages because as much they spend the tome on page that much the value increase.
12. Never  give up for any thing that you face while maintaining the blog or web site most of the bloggers stop blogging because they wont see good results and the traffic to their blogs. If you are not getting traffic means there is some thing wrong in you so correct those mistakes by approaching good bloggers or Search Engine Optimizer to full fill your needs.  

These are some the views which i feel to impress Google or any search engines in the organic and easy way. If any one of you fell some thing different please share your views in form of comments. As every one will have their own approach to either a Girl or a SEARCH ENGINE. So share your views on this topic. 

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