Why should i update Google profile

Social media optimization has become more popular in these days in order to drive huge traffic towards site or a blog. In order to make more use of these social net working services you need to update your profiles in them. 

As every one know recently Google has launched Google Social Search. In this article i am going to discuss ” How make more use of Google social search ” All the thing that you have to do is  just update your Google profile. 

What is Google Profile : Google profile is a place where u can show the people about your self and your social activities. If u haven’t created a google profile just go to this link Google Profile
Up date your details and upload your photo in this case if you are a admin of a company upload your logo and update your business details.

As soon as you complete updating your profile with the all the basic data now you have to update your social networking sites profile links in the left side of the bar as shown below.  

Click on the image to enlarge 
In order to keep your link in your profile just go to edit profile option at top left side of the window 
Then your profile looks like this 
Click on the image to enlarge 
Now go the bottom of the page and then update your social networking sites profiles links as show. 

What is the benefit in updating the social networking profile links..??
           Here comes the main task. If you update your profile links then it helps in driving a grate traffic towards your site. When ever you book mark or share any link on your social networking profile then it is gets saved in your profile and if any of your friend search on this topic then at the bottom of the search bar you can see your link i.e links that you save on the social networking sites. So you have to update your Google profile. 

Google not only searched your book marks but also search your friends book marks and the links which are share by them in various social networking sites. So this brings you high quality traffic towards your site. 

And i highly recommend you to keep your Google chat status also with some of the important links because now google is crawling the status of the friends so if you are service providers then update your services and its link on your Gtalk status also. If you have more google accounts then you can open those by using GMail Sign in to another account option. Or you can open multiple Gtalks by follow instructions in How to Use two gtalks on one desktop.

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