Features of Facebook Questions

Facebook is one the fastest growing network in the social media because of it easy applications and user friendly mode. Facebook has a lot of features which makes users not to go away from its page. 

One of the feature among those is ” Facebook Questions ” many of the search engines like Yahoo Google have this feature but Yahoo answers is the most popular one that every one know. Facebook introduced this feature a long back but is is not available in INDIA yet now is is giving the access INDIAN users too. 

This facebook questions it is similar to the yahoo answers it have the topics and in this u need to select the topic that you are interested or your having doubts. You can ask question at any time through the status bar. And there are lot of people who helps you in solving your problem. 

I think this feature makes a lot of friends who are interested in a same topic. And this is the right place to exchange the ideas and the knowledge form each other. 

Facebook Questions is available at http://www.facebook.com/questions/ here you can share your views on the questions that people ask. 
Here is a brief look on on the facebook questions

If you are not having access to Facebook Questions here how the link displays. 

If you see the above window then you need to wait till your turn comes 🙂

If you got access to Facebook questions here is how your pages looks like :

You can access your Facebook questions from the status bar too here comes the look .

You can choose different topics which you want to participate 

So what do you think on this Facebook Questions ..??? 

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