Is Google copying bing features

Is Google Copying Bing..?

Since from past few months there is a lot of change in the Google features such as..
1. Adding a background image to your Google homepage
2. Making search more easy by introducing the side bar.
3. Google instant Search
4. Google Instant Preview 

Google says that they are very strict about the copyscape of the content and spam protecting but it is copying the features of Bing 😛

Few months back Google copied a Big feature  i.e having a custom background image for Google search window. This background feature is first introduced by Bing and this is the first change made in the MSN 
Just have a brief look on this feature

Adding a custom Background to Google home page  
As after releasing this feature google again copied one more feature of Bing i.e by introducing the left hand side bar which makes the search more comfortable in getting the exact search results. This made a lot of drastic change in the google search in getting the desired results. 
Here comes the another copied feature 

After releasing this recently google introduced a new feature that is Google instant preview feature  in this feature google shows the design of the web site which we are going to view. As bing introduced this feature a long back by showing the Meta Description, Title of the web page but google made a small change in that and it is showing the whole web page which is cached by its robots when the page has been crawled. 
Here come the features 

So let us wait and see how many more features copied by Google in feature 🙂
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