This is how I got page rank to my blog

As every blogger dreams to get the page rank to their blog as every one believe that if we have good page rank then we will get high amount of organic traffic towards web site. Few days back Google has updated its servers and gave ranks to sites. And I am happy that this time my blog was on this list as I got PR 1 for my blog GManendra. Many of my friends and new bloggers asked me how I got PR 1 with just 28 posts in my blog. So on this post I want to say how I got Page rank to my blog.

Before going to discuss all those I want to say few things and common things that every blogger knows.

1. Never blog for Money. (If the content is good automatically you will get money)
2. Be updated on the niche which your are going to work for.
3. Spend some time on social networking sites.
4. Make blogging as passion.

If you keep these things while blogging automatically every things comes to you.

Thing which I implemented to rank in Google are :

1. I used to keep my titles a bit attractive like

I think people usually read the articles which are not unique I know it very difficult to produce the unique content so I concentrate on the titles of those articles so that users can come and stay few min in my page for reading article. 
2. I spend some time in promoting my article in some top book marking sites and social networking sites. spreading articles in various social networking sites is not a big deal all the thing that u need to concentrate is you have a good number of friends who are interested to your niche so that those people can read your articles.    

3. Answer to the people who are in need. Yahoo answers is the right place to get people who are in need I used to spend few hours a day in answering to the people who post questions in yahoo. Facebook also launched Facebook question which is another best platform to find people who are looking for some thing which thy don’t know and i used to answer some questions which I know and this is how i used to drive the target users to my blog.

4. Submitting web site to various search engines. As search engines are the key traffic generators so I made  my blog search engine friendly by submitting blog to various search engines. As an SEO I know the value of the Meta Tags so I made a small change for blog by adding small coding part which helps to index my content as meta description of my post you can find the code here

5. Commenting on other blogs : I used to comment on the other blogs with my blog URL and i recommend to leave the valuable comments after reading the whole article because if your comment sounds good then there is a lot if chance to get new visitors to your blog. 
6. Guest blogging also plays a major role in driving good visitors towards web site. I used to do guest posting in few blogs which are having good PR. I did only single fingered gust posts. Now I need to concentrate on this guest blogging as it plays major role in getting a Do Follow back link towards website.   
These are the steps that I implemented to rank in Google. So I recommend you to implement these steps and get ranked in Google. 
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