Things to be considered before choosing SEO as career option

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the fast growing business on web and there are a lot of opportunities for the Search Engine Optimizer position in many firms. The main line of work is to optimize the web sites friendly to search engines and increase their visibility in search results. There is no need of knowing programming languages in deep while compared to other other job. All you need to know the basics concepts of HTML in order to make small changes in On-page Optimization.
You should know the algorithms of the search search engines use to rate the web site and give the position. All the search engines provide this information for free it is not necessary to go for classes to learn what SEO is about have a look on the ebook of major search engine Googles Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide  following the steps which are mentioned in this ebook is more than enough to know how to optimize a site.

Things to be considered before choosing SEO as career option

Should have patience : 

One should have a good patience because you have to work in same tings every day it may bore you doing the same things every day and you don’t even have enough amount of time in your office to concentrate on other things. In order to over come this it is recommended to be active on social networking site so that you can refresh buy mingling with new buddy’s and exchange your knowledge in shot span of time.

Plan to work for at least 6months in a company 

Before joining in a firm make sure that you will work for at least six months because in order to rank a site in search engines it takes minimum 3 months. So i recommend you work for minimum six months so that you will get the good experience in handling the clients and report making. While working in this time you will know all the changes that are happening in the Search Engines.

Be good at presentation : 

Presentation is one the key point to decide your working skills so be prefect on presenting the reports to clients and while making the analysis reports. Your presentation represents your skill on the subject so be clear in each and ever aspect. You have to know every thing about excel sheet with excel sheet we can do wonder full presentations so get good knowledge in excel.

Never give Up for any thing :

Search Engines plays with web masters and optimizers by changing their algorithms in ranking site so never ever give u for any thing that may happen. There is no success in SEO with out failure. Never try back door methods to rank your site as they are not permanent. Follow the updates of the search engines implement them on your work. Be a bit different from others while optimizing think for new ways. Share your knowledge with others so that you will know whether the process which you are implementing is right or wrong. 
First and fore most thing that you have to do is to submit your web site to the all the search engines follow the links to know how to submit your web site to major search engines. 
Leave your valuable suggestions through comments and mention the things which are important according to you so that it helps starters who are in a confused state whether to choose SEO as career option or not. 

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