3 Things to be considered Before Linking to Another Site

As every Optimizer is well familiar with the importance of the back linking towards their web site and here i am going to discuss the 3 most important things to be considered before choosing a back link from another site. Getting a back linking for the same niche is very important for every web site as all the search engines consider it as the vote towards the web site.

Apart of having unique content and easily crawlable website, link building is most important task to rank high in search engines. Well it is not necessary to get a back link from the web site which not ranking on the SE’s, in fact obtaining the links from these website may harm your position in the Search Engines.

Incoming link i.e, other sites linking towards you will not let you into troubles. However the out going links i.e., the your link on other sites  may bring you into trouble if they are not maintaining properly. Linking to the sites which are penalized by Google may results your site getting penalty.

Before linking to another site, you should consider the following things to ensure that your site never get into troubles due to bad outgoing links.

1. Search for the site’s domain name in major search engines : 

If the site is not listed in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing it is better to stay away from it. If the sited was banned by the SE’s it may lead your site being banned. See whether all the pages were indexed by the search engines or not. Make sure the site is optimized search Engine friendly or not.

2. Find out who else is linking to them : 

If you are linking to one website have a look on the other sites who are linking to them. By search in the major search engines by “Links:example.com” you will get the link of the sites who are linking to to him.
Sites which are having more links towards them is befits you if you get a back link from them.

Google use to determine the importance of the web site by ranking them so it is recommended to get the back link for the site having good Page Rank. Never to try to give a back link towards a web site which is having Page Rank zero because the site may be new and not indexed to search engines or it may penalized by SE’s.

3. Avoid linking to sites that are controversial : 

Google consider some controversial topics such as gambling, adult, pharmacy, loan/debt sites which lead you in to troubles so try to avoid linking with these sites. Unless you are in the same niche never try to get link from these controversial sites. Google will penalize you for linking to another site with controversial topics. You probably will not be penalized for sites linking to you. But if you link to the sites which are not trust full you may get into the troubles and your ranking factor also decreases.

Hope you are now clear about getting a back link for the sites in link exchange process. Please don’t forget to  follow the things i mentioned above before linking to the another website.

Leave you opinion on this article and let me know if there are any more thing to be considered before Back Linking to the another site.

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