Keyword Meta tag for News Websites

Are you the one who writes about news related to latest happenings ? Here is a good news for you. Google has introduced new meta keyword tag, this tag helps to rank your article in top position of the google news search. Using this tag helps to index your article fast.

One year back google has stopped indexing the meta keywords in order to reduce the keyword spamming in the web search for better search results for its users. On the way of improving its news results google has announced this new meta keyword. Technically it is not same as the old meta tag there was a little change in it

meta name=”news_keywords” content=”your keywords comes here”

Google has published a help page how to use this new meta tag. You can use up to ten different meta tags keywords in this new meta keyword tag. It is recommended to use this only if you site or blog is updating with the news and latest happenings.

If you are the one who is updating your site occasionally then don’t try this because it may leads you into trouble because google may think you are spamming its  search with this new tags. If you are using this tag make sure your site is updated with the unique high quality content as google wants to give high quality news to its readers.

What is your view on this new update by the google ? Would you like to get back  keyword meta tag for every common web site ??

How to overcome Over Optimization Penalty Hits–Onpage

After Google Panda update every one is serious about the quality content and the link building in order to gain good amount of search traffic towards their websites, getting backlink to all the pages is a bit difficult task and people started using the automated software’s to generate huge number of back link towards their web sites to rank well in SERP. On the way of generating the link people forget how was their link ration. Link ration is nothing but the number of inbound link to number out bound link. You need to you have to maintain the equal ration. If you filed in this ration them your websites will be in the list of Google’s Over Optimization pages.

There are hell lot of search engine optimizer who optimizes you web sites for very less of cost and shot duration of time most of them will be using the automated software’s for their link building which is against to the search engines policy. If you hired any such SEO guy then I suggest you to stop doing from now. Now Google is really serious about the search results on its page.


Title tag’s

Title tag is the first thing that was index by Google and which is shown in the search result. Usually people stuff the title tag of the page with keywords which looks spammy so try to use the log tail keywords in your title tag which sounds good here is an example

“ Web designing company – Affordable web designing company, cheep web designing company” don’t you think it look like spammy ?   Instead of this type of title tags use title tags like “Your place name Web designing company ” which will increase your CTR.

Meta Description

Meta Description is the next thing you need to concentrate because it is the second thing which will be shown in Google after your title tag, use an informational description with targeted keywords in it because people will lad to your page once they know what was there in your website.

 Internal Linking

Internal inking is one of most important thing in on page optimization in order to have better SERP you need to interlink the pages with the targeted keywords which are having the relevant content in it. Never link the same page again and again which indicates  you are spamming the user though you are having rich content with your targeted keyword. Try to reduce link in your sidebar with your keywords in it.

Footer Links

People usually place a lot of links in their footer by interlink to their keywords. If you link to the main and important pages it is not an issue but these days every one is stuffing a lot of keywords and interlinking those to inner pages. Now Google started de-indexing the pages which are having too many links in their footer. So I recommend you to use small footer which having the important pages like contact us, services, about us.

Too many pages

Many of the websites have couple of pages for the same service or product with minor changes in it. This indicated you are forcing search engines to index your page and show in search results, Google is against to such types pages most of you may know this is a spammy trick like “door pages” so remove the pages if you have any in order to get ride of Google penalty.

These are the few most important things that you have to concentrate on your on page in order to get ride of Google over optimization penalty hit.

What is your opinion on this change by Google ?? Share your views on this Over Optimization Penalty Hits

Top 5 Checkout Page Strategies to Improve Conversion Rates

Into ecommerce business ? Can’t attract many people onto your checkout page and even if you do you can’t get them to be satisfied by the product they want to buy? Well you mustn’t worry about it all now. Just read on this article that shall help you with the strategies through top 5 tips to improve your conversion rates on your checkout pages.

ecommerce checkout page design

1. Design and layout:

As they say that the first impression is the last impression hence the most important of all the strategies that is required to attract buyer and then keep him/her to stay connected to your business sites and checkout pages is through the best layout and design that you can provide. Hence the best of the designs is what is required as the first to improve your conversion rates.

2. Optimize your Product Details:
If your design and layout is as attractive as possible, then the next aspect to grasp the user’s attention is to make sure they’ve ordered the right color/size and combination of items. Including a product summary to pre inform user about the product, giving detail shipping methods for their ease, confirming that the item is in stock/available are some ways to optimize your product details helping you to improve your conversion rate.

3. Payment and Shipping:
Once your design has been improvised to the point of excellence and your products have been optimized according to the betterment of the visitor of your site, the next step that you should take is to include the best ways to add shipping and payment method as the consumer wants their payments to be secure and also want the product to reach them safely as soon as possible. Hence adding large number of shipping method and payment ways shall keep the customer happy.

4. Rewards and Special Offers:
Who doesn’t want to get rewarded today? And getting customers to your checkout page was just the first step, the last yet the most important step to keep these customers attached to your page so that they visit every now and then is by offering rewards and offers to keep them interested as the more complementary things they will get the more will they be attracted to your website and in turn your checkout page.

5. Promotion:
Like every ecommerce website or business needs promotion, a checkout page needs one too. In order to do so make use of the social media promotions and promote the checkout page on your ecommerce website itself.

Google AdWords Editor get updated to V9.5

Google Adwords released a new version of Google Adwords editor 9.5 for both Windows users and Mac users. This is new version come up with couple of cool features such as grate control over experiments, ads support for location extensions. Google Adwords editor is of the best desktop PPC management tool for all Google Adwords users you can manage all your campaigns from your desktop and you can manage many number of accounts at the same time which is really help full for the people who are handling good number of PPC campaigns for multiple clients. In this new update they make few changes which will help to manage the ad campaigns easy compared to previous version.

Key Features of Adwords Editor 9.5

Adding support for images and extension is now available in V9.5. Now users can use several image sizes for both desktop as well as mobile ads, and local extension can now be created or edit directly from Adwords editor. Adding multiple items become easer now compared to the old version.

The most important key change in this update is setting up control for ad experiments, now users can

  • Alter experiment status on the ad group, ad, or keyword level.
  • Edit default bids at the ad group level.
  • Alter bid multipliers at the keyword level.
  • Upload and download experiment details as CSV or XML.

 Background Download

This is the one the best feature which is available in this update. If you are working for a couple of accounts which manages some big campaigns you can just download them in the background while you are working on another account. This save a lot of time in managing the other campaigns.

This is update saves a lot of time in managing the multiple ad campaigns so I recommend you do download this new version and use it for your ad management and make your life easy.

If you haven’t tried this Adwords Editor I recommend to use it now and save the most of your valuable time, if you are already using this share your reviews on this Google Adwords Editor.

Google Showing 3 line bullet points description

Google New search result

Good news to all the retail and E-commerce webmasters, Since from few days Google is making a lot of changes on its search results, it came up with a new feature which helps all the retail websites.  Google started showing new 3 line bullet points description in its search. This helps to find your retail web sites easy in its search. As every one know it is a bit difficult to get retail web sites in to top position of Google search results because there will be a plenty of products in a single page so you may not able to write exact description for a particular page. With this new feature Google made life of the  webmasters easy who is handling retail websites. First have a look on this new result and latter I’ll tell you how you can show your result in search engines.


I hope you got an idea on this new search result. Well I’ll let you know how it is showing the result in its results. As Google made a lot changes in its search results in order to give its users the best results based on a search keyword. If you want to show similar type of result to users who comes from the Google search all you need to do is make more use of “H3 Tag” yes H3 will do this work for you. As most of the retail sites will display a group of items in a page and the user can navigate to the page where he likes. As every one know H3 tag is one the most important tag coming to onpage optimization of your site. So I always recommend to make more of these basic things on your onpage to have a better results for your website. Coming to this you need to use bold text for your H3 tag and try to interlink for the tag with the desired web page which is having the unique description and keywords and the page which is search engine friendly. If you you implement this H3 tag feature on all of your web page then you may see your result similar to this. If you are planning to a retail web site then ask your web designer to enable H3 tag in the tables of your page.

I think this new feature will help all the Googler’s to find the desired website on its search. And what do you fell about this new changes that are being implemented  by the Google. Will this 3 line bullet points description over comes the description tag..??

How to Integrate Google Multi AuthorShip in WordPress Blog

Recently Google rolled up with many features on its search results and one of the most attractive thing is show is author profile pix in the its search results. There are a lot of tutorials on the web which helps to to display the profile image for a single author blog. In this article I am going to show you how to display the Google profile images for multi authored wordpress blogs.


If you see Mashable search results there you can find the Google plus profile pictures of the authors which really looks professional. Many of you may having multi authored blogs and you too want to show your blog results professional.

In order to implement this feature in your wordpress blog you need to install a plugin called Allow REL= and HTML in Author Bios this helps to enable REL= option in your wordpress blog by default wordpress wont allow to use REL= function in order to enable this you need to install this plugin and activate it.

Step by step to guide to enable Multi AuthorShip

1. First you have to ask your authors to place your blog link in his/her Google profile. It is preferred to place + in front of their name “ex: +Manendra” followed by your blog link.

2. No go to your author box which is located at the users profile i.e, “ Users>All Users> select the author name > Contact info” now a new box will be shown in your contact info section which is asking Google profile URL


3. Now you have to enable “rel=author me” you can place this in the author box as shown in the below image

Google Multi AuthorShip in WordPress Blog-author -bio

I recommend you to use rel=”author me” rather than using rel=”author” because wordpress creates a different pages for each user if you use rel=”author” it may create problem.

Repeat this same process for each and every other in your blog or else ask them to add this tag to their author bio box.

I already recommended to use + before or after of the anchor tag. not only me even Google recommends the same…

That’s it you are done. Once you were done with this you can test in by going to Google’s Rich Snippets Testing Tool, to see the preview how it is going to be displayed on Google’s search results.  It should look similar to the below image.

Google Multi AuthorShip in WordPress Blog

If you don’t find the your image like the above please go through the process again and follow the steps care fully.

If you integrate Google multi authorship in wordpress Blog share your experience with us and if you fail to show your image please feel free to as me the questions in the below comment section.

Is Google copying bing features

Is Google Copying Bing..?

Since from past few months there is a lot of change in the Google features such as..
1. Adding a background image to your Google homepage
2. Making search more easy by introducing the side bar.
3. Google instant Search
4. Google Instant Preview 

Google says that they are very strict about the copyscape of the content and spam protecting but it is copying the features of Bing 😛

Few months back Google copied a Big feature  i.e having a custom background image for Google search window. This background feature is first introduced by Bing and this is the first change made in the MSN 
Just have a brief look on this feature

Adding a custom Background to Google home page  
As after releasing this feature google again copied one more feature of Bing i.e by introducing the left hand side bar which makes the search more comfortable in getting the exact search results. This made a lot of drastic change in the google search in getting the desired results. 
Here comes the another copied feature 

After releasing this recently google introduced a new feature that is Google instant preview feature  in this feature google shows the design of the web site which we are going to view. As bing introduced this feature a long back by showing the Meta Description, Title of the web page but google made a small change in that and it is showing the whole web page which is cached by its robots when the page has been crawled. 
Here come the features 

So let us wait and see how many more features copied by Google in feature 🙂
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Google Instant Preview looks like Bing Search

Recent Google has launched launched its Instant Search to make the search results more faster than ever. This Instant Search made a revolution in the SEO market as it is sowing the results instantly with high speed what every we are going to type further. Because of this instant Search many Search Engine Optimizer’s start optimizing the sites with new long tail keyword. Using the long tail keyword is the only search a big solution to over come the web site in SERP’s.

And by the time Google has announced that is is going to be launch the new magnification feature in order to show the best results for the googler’s and now it has launched its Instant Preview. And the main aim of releasing this Instant Preview is..
  • Quickly compare results – A visual comparison of search results helps you pick the one that’s right for you. Quickly flip through previews to see which page looks best.

  • Pinpoint relevant content – Text call outs, in orange, will sometimes highlight where your search terms appear on the webpage so you can evaluate if it’s what you’re looking for.

  • Interact with the results page – Page previews let you see the layout of a webpage before clicking the search result. Looking for a chart, picture, map or list? See if you can spot one in the preview

And i think this is also going to make a revolution as we can see that is the structure of the web site.
And now people will look in to the web site directly and by the preview so i think form now the web masters should concentrate on the look and feel to impress the googler’s. 

MSN already using this feature in its Bing Search by giving the information which is available in the page as as content and i think it is the best thing than viewing the whole web page as in this new interface of google we can’t see the content in the page 🙁 

Here is quick preview of both the searches in Google as well as Bing 

Gmail introduces 5 new themes.

Recently Google is updating its look and feel in order to make the users more friendly atmosphere when a visitor comes to its page. In this way Google has introduces 5 new themes for Gmail in order to make the users to fell a bit different. These themes are really cool and these are being loaded faster also.

Here comes the new five designs of Gmail :

Basic Black


Tree Tops

Basic White 
How to activate these themes..??
  Go to setting at the top right hand side  of the navigating bar and then click on the Themes tab and choose the latest themes to activate in your Gmail page. 
share  your view via comments in the below comment box 🙂

How to make Google to fall in love with your website

Hi friends today i want to share few things about Google and “ how to make Google to fall in love with your web site or blog. 
I think Google is similar to a beautiful girl. Just think how you impress a girl to love you. You will show more interest towards her and you will make many thing to impress her to look at you.  In the same manner you need to impress the Google or any other Se’s (Search Engines)

Here are some of the things that a common person does to impress a girl: 

1. Waring a nice dress
2. Exposing your talent with others. 
3. Showing grate respect 
4. Having good conversation
5. Showing interest in her
6. Respecting her friends and giving value to their opinions 
7. Being polite to her parents
8. Not criticize her
9. Being careful with what you say
10. Making her feel good
11. Being honest
12. Not ignoring her

These are some of the best ways to impress a girl and you need to follow the same things if you want to make Google or any SE to fall in love with your blog or a web site. 

Here i am going to say few tips to impress Google or any Search Engine: 

1. Build the site structure which is friendly with search engines by placing the right keywords and maintaining the w3 standards. 
2. Provide all the information in the landing page so that the visitor gets impressed with the page and visits the site frequently. This is a grate step for Search Engine Optimizers and designers as all you  talent will be shown here.
3. Content should be easy to understand and use the targeted keywords in the article and give hyper link to the targeted pages. 
4. Make  conversation with your audience by giving some give away contest and by placing poll and ask your visitors questions and try to maintain the long conversation. 
5. Be patience regarding the indexing and getting high rank. All this comes long run as you know that SEO is not a over night job.
6. Give value to your audience and respond to their doubts and help them to build their business. 
7. Follow the web master guide lines while optimizing and writing any article don’t stuff  lot of keywords in the content. 
8. Don’t ping too much of you links to search engines in order to index you page (Google is god god takes a look on each and every one in this world in the similar way Google crawls each and every page in a web site)
9. When you are talking or discussing a topic be care full and share the things which you are more familiar. Don’t go too depth because there may be a chance of thinking you as a spammer so be shot and clear. 
10. Maintain quality in the content which you are distributing and be friendly with the co-owners of the similar business and stay in touch with the blogs which are related to your niche. 
11. While you are offering any service be honesty and give your best and never try to cheat the audience as audience are the gods of our pages because as much they spend the tome on page that much the value increase.
12. Never  give up for any thing that you face while maintaining the blog or web site most of the bloggers stop blogging because they wont see good results and the traffic to their blogs. If you are not getting traffic means there is some thing wrong in you so correct those mistakes by approaching good bloggers or Search Engine Optimizer to full fill your needs.  

These are some the views which i feel to impress Google or any search engines in the organic and easy way. If any one of you fell some thing different please share your views in form of comments. As every one will have their own approach to either a Girl or a SEARCH ENGINE. So share your views on this topic.