Gmail introduces 5 new themes.

Recently Google is updating its look and feel in order to make the users more friendly atmosphere when a visitor comes to its page. In this way Google has introduces 5 new themes for Gmail in order to make the users to fell a bit different. These themes are really cool and these are being loaded faster also.

Here comes the new five designs of Gmail :

Basic Black


Tree Tops

Basic White 
How to activate these themes..??
  Go to setting at the top right hand side  of the navigating bar and then click on the Themes tab and choose the latest themes to activate in your Gmail page. 
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Gmail Priority Inbox

Recently Gmail has introduce a new feature called Priority Inbox in order to save our valuable time for reading Emails. This is really good and very use full feature which was introduced by the Gmail Team . This feature automatically identify the important Email and separates them individually and u can see the preview in the bellow screen shots. When u click on the priority Inbox button at left side of you mails then you will observe your inbox will divide into 3 sections and there u can observe the tabs Important mail, Stared, Every thing Else. This feature helps in saving time by going through the unwanted emails.
You will find the all the important mails based on your previous works that is with the people whom you most do conversations and the mails which u sent to particular mail ID.
In order to activate the Priority inbox we need to enable this feature first and u can c the enable option at top right hand side of the page just beside to sign out option.

After enabling this feature then automatically you inbox will be divided into 3 sections as shown below  
And if you want to see your old inbox then you can press the button Inbox and you will be getting the old preview, By using the Gmail filters option we can make more use with the Priority Inbox. 
Here is the video where you can get more details regarding the Priority Inbox

New Gmail is out now

Few days back some screen shots of Gmail has been leaked by saying that these are the new changes that are going to be made in the Gmail no those changes are ready to use for every Gmail user.
Gmail has made few modifications in its lay out and u can see those changes in the below screen shot and this feature is automatically updates for every Gmail account. Now it is easy to see the contacts of your Gmail account and mange Tasks.

In Contacts you can see few more options like Friends, Family, CoWorkers, Most Connected, Other Contacts, New Groups, Import contacts. In previous these features are can be seen only if we click on the contact option and now it is easy to use and easy to work on it by creating groups. 
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