New Digg features

Hello friends i am happy to say that i got the access to use the New Digg. This new dig is more friendly with every one and especially very use full for bloggers and Search Engine Optimizer in order to popular their posts. This Dig save a lot of time for every one.  This is really cool and i want to  share some of the features of New Dig. From beginning of registration it is having totally new look and very easy and compatible and easy with out any disturbances like previous Dig (Old Dig). Here are the step by step process which i had gone through registration, You can see in the below screen shots

Step 1
Step 2
Final Step
And above screen shot is the welcome board of New Dig and this is the New look of Digg. There are lot of features. In this new dig no need to selecting the button SUBMIT new article buy just placing the url your submit the article and u can edit the description and selected the related category easy. Here is the look which u get when u are submitting a new link. You can share link directly with friends in Twitter and Facebook by connecting through these accounts while the time of registration

You can automatically submit the post when you post on your blog New Dig gives some referral code which u need to keep in one of your posts or in Title (or) Feed url of your HTML coding part. 
Then Automatically your posts will be submitted. 
These are the new features of the Dig this is most friendly for the Bloggers and SEO 
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