About Manendra

Well this is Manendra and i am an Search Engine Optimizer in India and i am from Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. I am fascinated in blogging. My passion is to become a good blogger and help the people in educating regarding the latest happenings in the Search Engines and the Social Media. In this blog i am going to share my knowledge regarding the Search Engines Optimization and Social Media Monitoring to make your blog or web site more friendly to search engines and gain huge traffic.

Some thing About me:

 Well I’m an very big Social Media and Internet Edict i used to spend lots of hours in front of my PC to know some thing. On this way of searching i came into this Search Engine Optimization field as i used to have a lot of questions in my mind how this Google is showing only these sites in the top 10 results. I used to maintain an entertainment blog as every one passion is to see their blog or site in the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing in the same manner i also tried many thing to see my blog in front page of Google on this hunt i came to know these three letters SEO – Search Engine Optimization from then i used to read many articles and E-books on this topic and spent a lot of time in knowing about search engine strategy and how they will show the blog or a site in front page of Google or any other Search Engines. Then i thought to choose this Search Engine Optimization as my career option and came into this SEO field. 

Why I started this Blog:

And the main reason why to start this blog is in search of this Search Engine Optimization i came to across any people who are already in this field. As every one know that if you are in search of some thing you will have a lot of doubts in you mind and even i too had a lot of doubts and i used to ask them then most of the people never shared me any thing which i asked them. I believe that ” Knowledge increases if we share it with others ” 
So i started this blog in order to share my knowledge that i have with others and hep others to grow up soon. 
For me it took a lot of time to know basic things so i just want others to waste the precious time in their life so i want to help those people who really want to grow up their career faster. 

What all the things that you can find in this blog:

You can find some best ways to increase your web site or blog ranking and its position in the Search Engines. 

I have spent lot of my time in knowing how to earn money online and i just want to share those things with you in this blog so u can find some methods that you can earn money online by sitting in front of your PC. 

As i said you i’m and bigsocial media and internet edict so i can share my knowledge that i have in these and make u bit smarter in using these. To make more use of this web. 

By the day:  
    I wrote this bio when i am zero but i can ensure that by the time you come to read this line i’ll me in a good position. 

How I can help You: 
     Well as i already said you i believe in the words  Knowledge increases if we share it with others 
 so i am more interested in sharing my knowledge with others who want to get into a good position. So you can as me any thing that you want to know i can share you my views with you at any time. 

I like the people who ask me some thing which i don’t know because even i too don’t know many thing my  knowledge is not even a single drop in the ocean. So i searched for that topic and share my views on that so that i too can increase my Knowledge. 

How can you approach me: 
Here are the some of the ways that you can approach me 
Email                 :      gmanendra@gmail.com
Twitter                :      @gmanendra
FaceBook           :      gmanendra
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Symbol of INDIAN rupee

On Jul 15th 2010 Government of INDIA declared the symbol of INDIAN rupee.  5 Members of panel who are appointed by government of INDIA has finalized this symbol for INDIAN rupee (INR).
The symbole is amalgam of Davanagari ‘Ra’ and the roman caps ‘R’
This was designed by IIT Post Graduate Uday Kumar.
He was awarded with Rs 2,50,000 as winning entry.
This new symbol has updated in Wikipedia.
Finally we have a symbol for INDIAN rupee.
Now we have a new issue that how to generate this character in keyboard as we know that we i’ll get $ by typing shift+4.
How to generate this rupee symbol…???