Keyword Meta tag for News Websites

Are you the one who writes about news related to latest happenings ? Here is a good news for you. Google has introduced new meta keyword tag, this tag helps to rank your article in top position of the google news search. Using this tag helps to index your article fast.

One year back google has stopped indexing the meta keywords in order to reduce the keyword spamming in the web search for better search results for its users. On the way of improving its news results google has announced this new meta keyword. Technically it is not same as the old meta tag there was a little change in it

meta name=”news_keywords” content=”your keywords comes here”

Google has published a help page how to use this new meta tag. You can use up to ten different meta tags keywords in this new meta keyword tag. It is recommended to use this only if you site or blog is updating with the news and latest happenings.

If you are the one who is updating your site occasionally then don’t try this because it may leads you into trouble because google may think you are spamming its  search with this new tags. If you are using this tag make sure your site is updated with the unique high quality content as google wants to give high quality news to its readers.

What is your view on this new update by the google ? Would you like to get back  keyword meta tag for every common web site ??

How to overcome Over Optimization Penalty Hits–Onpage

After Google Panda update every one is serious about the quality content and the link building in order to gain good amount of search traffic towards their websites, getting backlink to all the pages is a bit difficult task and people started using the automated software’s to generate huge number of back link towards their web sites to rank well in SERP. On the way of generating the link people forget how was their link ration. Link ration is nothing but the number of inbound link to number out bound link. You need to you have to maintain the equal ration. If you filed in this ration them your websites will be in the list of Google’s Over Optimization pages.

There are hell lot of search engine optimizer who optimizes you web sites for very less of cost and shot duration of time most of them will be using the automated software’s for their link building which is against to the search engines policy. If you hired any such SEO guy then I suggest you to stop doing from now. Now Google is really serious about the search results on its page.


Title tag’s

Title tag is the first thing that was index by Google and which is shown in the search result. Usually people stuff the title tag of the page with keywords which looks spammy so try to use the log tail keywords in your title tag which sounds good here is an example

“ Web designing company – Affordable web designing company, cheep web designing company” don’t you think it look like spammy ?   Instead of this type of title tags use title tags like “Your place name Web designing company ” which will increase your CTR.

Meta Description

Meta Description is the next thing you need to concentrate because it is the second thing which will be shown in Google after your title tag, use an informational description with targeted keywords in it because people will lad to your page once they know what was there in your website.

 Internal Linking

Internal inking is one of most important thing in on page optimization in order to have better SERP you need to interlink the pages with the targeted keywords which are having the relevant content in it. Never link the same page again and again which indicates  you are spamming the user though you are having rich content with your targeted keyword. Try to reduce link in your sidebar with your keywords in it.

Footer Links

People usually place a lot of links in their footer by interlink to their keywords. If you link to the main and important pages it is not an issue but these days every one is stuffing a lot of keywords and interlinking those to inner pages. Now Google started de-indexing the pages which are having too many links in their footer. So I recommend you to use small footer which having the important pages like contact us, services, about us.

Too many pages

Many of the websites have couple of pages for the same service or product with minor changes in it. This indicated you are forcing search engines to index your page and show in search results, Google is against to such types pages most of you may know this is a spammy trick like “door pages” so remove the pages if you have any in order to get ride of Google penalty.

These are the few most important things that you have to concentrate on your on page in order to get ride of Google over optimization penalty hit.

What is your opinion on this change by Google ?? Share your views on this Over Optimization Penalty Hits

Top 5 Checkout Page Strategies to Improve Conversion Rates

Into ecommerce business ? Can’t attract many people onto your checkout page and even if you do you can’t get them to be satisfied by the product they want to buy? Well you mustn’t worry about it all now. Just read on this article that shall help you with the strategies through top 5 tips to improve your conversion rates on your checkout pages.

ecommerce checkout page design

1. Design and layout:

As they say that the first impression is the last impression hence the most important of all the strategies that is required to attract buyer and then keep him/her to stay connected to your business sites and checkout pages is through the best layout and design that you can provide. Hence the best of the designs is what is required as the first to improve your conversion rates.

2. Optimize your Product Details:
If your design and layout is as attractive as possible, then the next aspect to grasp the user’s attention is to make sure they’ve ordered the right color/size and combination of items. Including a product summary to pre inform user about the product, giving detail shipping methods for their ease, confirming that the item is in stock/available are some ways to optimize your product details helping you to improve your conversion rate.

3. Payment and Shipping:
Once your design has been improvised to the point of excellence and your products have been optimized according to the betterment of the visitor of your site, the next step that you should take is to include the best ways to add shipping and payment method as the consumer wants their payments to be secure and also want the product to reach them safely as soon as possible. Hence adding large number of shipping method and payment ways shall keep the customer happy.

4. Rewards and Special Offers:
Who doesn’t want to get rewarded today? And getting customers to your checkout page was just the first step, the last yet the most important step to keep these customers attached to your page so that they visit every now and then is by offering rewards and offers to keep them interested as the more complementary things they will get the more will they be attracted to your website and in turn your checkout page.

5. Promotion:
Like every ecommerce website or business needs promotion, a checkout page needs one too. In order to do so make use of the social media promotions and promote the checkout page on your ecommerce website itself.

5 link building tips for ecommerce sites

Getting ranked in popular search engines is crucial as conversion rates for SEO traffic is generally high. The best way to get ranked in the search engines is through effective link building techniques. Here are the best 5 link building tips for an ecommerce website.

Ecommerce Link Building Tips

1. Guest Blogging: This is the best way to get quality back link from the sites which are being updated daily. Approach to the blogs that are related to your niche for a guest post as many of the blogs offers this as they need quality content to be published in their blogs. Writing articles for those sites will give you good reputation and quality do-follow back link.

2. Contest Giveaway: Approach the top sites on your niche and offer giveaways with them to their visitors. This is a great tactic as people who are interested in a particular niche will visit those sites frequently for updates. If you offer such things they will start following you as you are referred by one of their trust full site. Remember to display the ad on your sites that there was some giveaway is going of you site in a site and be more active on social media too. As this will increase the quality link which you get from that top site within your niche.

3. Compare Page: Create a comparison page for the products with different brands. As these pages are developed by the tables which have more information about pricing, features, functionality they have a higher tendency to gain links.

4. Sponsor NPO’s: This is the one the best way to get a worth full back link from any organizations. Become a sponsor for them by offering some products or supporting these Non Profitable Organizations. Getting a back link for these authoritative websites is valuable

5. Press Releases: Make press release for the best deals and offers of the product and submit in all the major PR sites. Link from these PR sites adds mentions and buzz which again is a crucial SEO factor.

Along with these make sure you are active on Social media sites by updating latest topics as your status and taking the peoples reviews and their opinions.

We made an a complete review of the one the best shopping cart softwares which is available to start your online stores and sell your products online, here is the brief Bigcommerce Review.

Profitable Niches to Make Money Online

I have started blogging as my passion and there are lot of people like me who want to lead their life by sitting in from of their PC. If you are planning to make your life online I recommend to do the background work first. Make sure on which topic you are familiar, how much time can you dedicate to your work. If you come up with an idea then search for your compotators and their way of presentation. Think how you can deliver your view different from others.

Profitable Niches to Make Money Online

In this article I am going to share you the most profitable niches which helps you to make money online. All you need to do is you need to gather good information about the following topics and get well knowledge on these and write good content on these and publish on your blog. Learn some SEO, social media marketing to make your blog search engines friendly. As these are the most search on the following niches so your main aim is to drive the traffic to your blog from search engines. Each and every click on your website/blog will make you money as these are the following niche keywords are being paid higher in the PPC market so concentrate on the topic and produce the unique content in your blog.

Niches and their related keywords



1. Insurance buy car insurance online, auto insurance price quotes
2. Loans consolidate graduate student loans,cheapest homeowner loans
3. Mortgage refinanced second mortgages,remortgage with bad credit
4. Attorney personal injury attorney,dui defense attorney
5. Credit home equity line of credit,bad credit home buyer
6. Lawyer personal  injury lawyer,criminal defense lawyer
7. Donate car donation centers,donating a used car
8. Degree criminal justice degrees online,psychology bachelors degree online
9. Hosting hosting ms exchange,managed web hosting solution
10. Claim personal injury claim,accident claims no win no fee
11. Conference Call best conference call service,conference calls toll free
12. Trading cheap online trading,stock trades online
13. Software crm software programs,help desk software cheap
14. Recovery raid server data recovery,hard drive recovery laptop
15. Transfer zero apr balance transfer,credit card balance transfer zero interest
16. Gas/Electricity business electricity price comparison,switch gas and electricity suppliers
17. Classes criminal justice online classes,online classes business administration
18. Rehab alcohol rehab centers,crack rehab centers
19. Treatment mesothelioma treatment options,drug treatment centers
20. Cord Blood cordblood bank,store umbilical cord blood


Above are the highly paid niche’s and the most searched keywords, I recommend you are planning to start a blog/website with the above niche please concentrate on the keywords as they are the most searched keywords related particular niche. And if you optimize your blog/website in search engines friendly no doubt you are going to make 4 figure income every month. You can start your own online professional business by Host web site for 1 cent

Google AdWords Editor get updated to V9.5

Google Adwords released a new version of Google Adwords editor 9.5 for both Windows users and Mac users. This is new version come up with couple of cool features such as grate control over experiments, ads support for location extensions. Google Adwords editor is of the best desktop PPC management tool for all Google Adwords users you can manage all your campaigns from your desktop and you can manage many number of accounts at the same time which is really help full for the people who are handling good number of PPC campaigns for multiple clients. In this new update they make few changes which will help to manage the ad campaigns easy compared to previous version.

Key Features of Adwords Editor 9.5

Adding support for images and extension is now available in V9.5. Now users can use several image sizes for both desktop as well as mobile ads, and local extension can now be created or edit directly from Adwords editor. Adding multiple items become easer now compared to the old version.

The most important key change in this update is setting up control for ad experiments, now users can

  • Alter experiment status on the ad group, ad, or keyword level.
  • Edit default bids at the ad group level.
  • Alter bid multipliers at the keyword level.
  • Upload and download experiment details as CSV or XML.

 Background Download

This is the one the best feature which is available in this update. If you are working for a couple of accounts which manages some big campaigns you can just download them in the background while you are working on another account. This save a lot of time in managing the other campaigns.

This is update saves a lot of time in managing the multiple ad campaigns so I recommend you do download this new version and use it for your ad management and make your life easy.

If you haven’t tried this Adwords Editor I recommend to use it now and save the most of your valuable time, if you are already using this share your reviews on this Google Adwords Editor.

Google Showing 3 line bullet points description

Google New search result

Good news to all the retail and E-commerce webmasters, Since from few days Google is making a lot of changes on its search results, it came up with a new feature which helps all the retail websites.  Google started showing new 3 line bullet points description in its search. This helps to find your retail web sites easy in its search. As every one know it is a bit difficult to get retail web sites in to top position of Google search results because there will be a plenty of products in a single page so you may not able to write exact description for a particular page. With this new feature Google made life of the  webmasters easy who is handling retail websites. First have a look on this new result and latter I’ll tell you how you can show your result in search engines.


I hope you got an idea on this new search result. Well I’ll let you know how it is showing the result in its results. As Google made a lot changes in its search results in order to give its users the best results based on a search keyword. If you want to show similar type of result to users who comes from the Google search all you need to do is make more use of “H3 Tag” yes H3 will do this work for you. As most of the retail sites will display a group of items in a page and the user can navigate to the page where he likes. As every one know H3 tag is one the most important tag coming to onpage optimization of your site. So I always recommend to make more of these basic things on your onpage to have a better results for your website. Coming to this you need to use bold text for your H3 tag and try to interlink for the tag with the desired web page which is having the unique description and keywords and the page which is search engine friendly. If you you implement this H3 tag feature on all of your web page then you may see your result similar to this. If you are planning to a retail web site then ask your web designer to enable H3 tag in the tables of your page.

I think this new feature will help all the Googler’s to find the desired website on its search. And what do you fell about this new changes that are being implemented  by the Google. Will this 3 line bullet points description over comes the description tag..??

3 Things to be considered Before Linking to Another Site

As every Optimizer is well familiar with the importance of the back linking towards their web site and here i am going to discuss the 3 most important things to be considered before choosing a back link from another site. Getting a back linking for the same niche is very important for every web site as all the search engines consider it as the vote towards the web site.

Apart of having unique content and easily crawlable website, link building is most important task to rank high in search engines. Well it is not necessary to get a back link from the web site which not ranking on the SE’s, in fact obtaining the links from these website may harm your position in the Search Engines.

Incoming link i.e, other sites linking towards you will not let you into troubles. However the out going links i.e., the your link on other sites  may bring you into trouble if they are not maintaining properly. Linking to the sites which are penalized by Google may results your site getting penalty.

Before linking to another site, you should consider the following things to ensure that your site never get into troubles due to bad outgoing links.

1. Search for the site’s domain name in major search engines : 

If the site is not listed in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing it is better to stay away from it. If the sited was banned by the SE’s it may lead your site being banned. See whether all the pages were indexed by the search engines or not. Make sure the site is optimized search Engine friendly or not.

2. Find out who else is linking to them : 

If you are linking to one website have a look on the other sites who are linking to them. By search in the major search engines by “” you will get the link of the sites who are linking to to him.
Sites which are having more links towards them is befits you if you get a back link from them.

Google use to determine the importance of the web site by ranking them so it is recommended to get the back link for the site having good Page Rank. Never to try to give a back link towards a web site which is having Page Rank zero because the site may be new and not indexed to search engines or it may penalized by SE’s.

3. Avoid linking to sites that are controversial : 

Google consider some controversial topics such as gambling, adult, pharmacy, loan/debt sites which lead you in to troubles so try to avoid linking with these sites. Unless you are in the same niche never try to get link from these controversial sites. Google will penalize you for linking to another site with controversial topics. You probably will not be penalized for sites linking to you. But if you link to the sites which are not trust full you may get into the troubles and your ranking factor also decreases.

Hope you are now clear about getting a back link for the sites in link exchange process. Please don’t forget to  follow the things i mentioned above before linking to the another website.

Leave you opinion on this article and let me know if there are any more thing to be considered before Back Linking to the another site.

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Things to be considered before choosing SEO as career option

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the fast growing business on web and there are a lot of opportunities for the Search Engine Optimizer position in many firms. The main line of work is to optimize the web sites friendly to search engines and increase their visibility in search results. There is no need of knowing programming languages in deep while compared to other other job. All you need to know the basics concepts of HTML in order to make small changes in On-page Optimization.
You should know the algorithms of the search search engines use to rate the web site and give the position. All the search engines provide this information for free it is not necessary to go for classes to learn what SEO is about have a look on the ebook of major search engine Googles Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide  following the steps which are mentioned in this ebook is more than enough to know how to optimize a site.

Things to be considered before choosing SEO as career option

Should have patience : 

One should have a good patience because you have to work in same tings every day it may bore you doing the same things every day and you don’t even have enough amount of time in your office to concentrate on other things. In order to over come this it is recommended to be active on social networking site so that you can refresh buy mingling with new buddy’s and exchange your knowledge in shot span of time.

Plan to work for at least 6months in a company 

Before joining in a firm make sure that you will work for at least six months because in order to rank a site in search engines it takes minimum 3 months. So i recommend you work for minimum six months so that you will get the good experience in handling the clients and report making. While working in this time you will know all the changes that are happening in the Search Engines.

Be good at presentation : 

Presentation is one the key point to decide your working skills so be prefect on presenting the reports to clients and while making the analysis reports. Your presentation represents your skill on the subject so be clear in each and ever aspect. You have to know every thing about excel sheet with excel sheet we can do wonder full presentations so get good knowledge in excel.

Never give Up for any thing :

Search Engines plays with web masters and optimizers by changing their algorithms in ranking site so never ever give u for any thing that may happen. There is no success in SEO with out failure. Never try back door methods to rank your site as they are not permanent. Follow the updates of the search engines implement them on your work. Be a bit different from others while optimizing think for new ways. Share your knowledge with others so that you will know whether the process which you are implementing is right or wrong. 
First and fore most thing that you have to do is to submit your web site to the all the search engines follow the links to know how to submit your web site to major search engines. 
Leave your valuable suggestions through comments and mention the things which are important according to you so that it helps starters who are in a confused state whether to choose SEO as career option or not. 

This is how I got page rank to my blog

As every blogger dreams to get the page rank to their blog as every one believe that if we have good page rank then we will get high amount of organic traffic towards web site. Few days back Google has updated its servers and gave ranks to sites. And I am happy that this time my blog was on this list as I got PR 1 for my blog GManendra. Many of my friends and new bloggers asked me how I got PR 1 with just 28 posts in my blog. So on this post I want to say how I got Page rank to my blog.

Before going to discuss all those I want to say few things and common things that every blogger knows.

1. Never blog for Money. (If the content is good automatically you will get money)
2. Be updated on the niche which your are going to work for.
3. Spend some time on social networking sites.
4. Make blogging as passion.

If you keep these things while blogging automatically every things comes to you.

Thing which I implemented to rank in Google are :

1. I used to keep my titles a bit attractive like

I think people usually read the articles which are not unique I know it very difficult to produce the unique content so I concentrate on the titles of those articles so that users can come and stay few min in my page for reading article. 
2. I spend some time in promoting my article in some top book marking sites and social networking sites. spreading articles in various social networking sites is not a big deal all the thing that u need to concentrate is you have a good number of friends who are interested to your niche so that those people can read your articles.    

3. Answer to the people who are in need. Yahoo answers is the right place to get people who are in need I used to spend few hours a day in answering to the people who post questions in yahoo. Facebook also launched Facebook question which is another best platform to find people who are looking for some thing which thy don’t know and i used to answer some questions which I know and this is how i used to drive the target users to my blog.

4. Submitting web site to various search engines. As search engines are the key traffic generators so I made  my blog search engine friendly by submitting blog to various search engines. As an SEO I know the value of the Meta Tags so I made a small change for blog by adding small coding part which helps to index my content as meta description of my post you can find the code here

5. Commenting on other blogs : I used to comment on the other blogs with my blog URL and i recommend to leave the valuable comments after reading the whole article because if your comment sounds good then there is a lot if chance to get new visitors to your blog. 
6. Guest blogging also plays a major role in driving good visitors towards web site. I used to do guest posting in few blogs which are having good PR. I did only single fingered gust posts. Now I need to concentrate on this guest blogging as it plays major role in getting a Do Follow back link towards website.   
These are the steps that I implemented to rank in Google. So I recommend you to implement these steps and get ranked in Google. 
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