Secret of On-Page Optimization tip for designers

On-Page optimization is one of the key part in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) While optimizing an site we need to optimize it from the basic level i.e from its construction itself in order to make the site more friendly with the Search Engines. Every search Engine optimizer consider only in the Meta Tags and the Alt image tags, internal linking of the individual pages by targeting the keywords in them.

In this article i’m going to share one of the grate Secret tip of the On-page optimization in order to make search engines crawl your description in the page. Many of the optimizers wont share their tips as they are working from many days or years on the Particular field and they called that as “experience” i approached many of the Search Engine Optimizer‘s regarding the things that we do in the optimizing a particular site but most of the people never share their things. And in additional they used to give me a good answer i.e as ” experience goes on you will know about these ” but i believe that knowledge increases if we share with others only. If we share then we we can able to know its defaults and drawbacks. 

As i said u earlier i just want to share one good On-Page optimizing tip to make your description  gets crawled. When SE’s (Search Engines) crawl your pages first they look in the left hand column before entering the body description. I just tell you a trick to make SE’s look into your description. 

Here is the thing what you need to do : 

Most of the designers create table as look like this 

Rather than creating the table looks like above you need to create the table look like this…

By doing this Google will read the top left hand column/row first and recognize that it is empty and jumps into the body part and as soon it is crawled then it comes back and crawls your navigation links. 

Thats it…

While making description for your page make sure it is rich in keywords phrases. So that your description will have higher value. 

Free blog creating websites list

Hi friends in this article i am going to give you a list of blog link where u can create a blog and post your content. As we know that in SEO point of view most of the blogs plays an important role in indexing our pages. And these blogs also plays an major role in back linking.
While coming to Search Engines indexing first of all Search engines look into the blogs and their content  and then they will go through the remaining sites why because people regularly update their blogs when compared to web sites so Spiders mostly searches the blogs. So crawling is done for the blogs frequently so do updating blogs frequently. This is one of the most important task in the SEO point.
Now i am going to give a list of blog providing sites where u can create your own blog and publish your articles or data. 🙂

I’ll be updating this post when ever i came across any new blogs so this post will be updated time to time so be visiting this for more new blog site. 

Free Bookmarking directory sites

Looking for free Bookmark submission sites then here are the 895 links of free bookmark submission sites. In order to optimize a web site we need to promote that through some bookmarking site which is a part of SMO (Social Media Optimization). 
I have asked many of the SEO people to suggest me some book marking sites but no one said more than Facebook, Digg, Delicious, Mixx but it is not so easy to get back links only through these sites. So I have searched a lot for these sites and came across  these sites. And mainly  i really thank my SEO friends because of them I have did a grate search in order to find these sites.   And i got nearly 895 sites in this. And these may help u 🙂 🙂 
 And if ur a SEO person i request u to please help the freshers in SEO and share ur knowledge with them. 
Bookmarking helps us in getting new visitors so just post interesting content with attractive title so that u you get good number of visitors. I have provide the links below based on their ranking so start posting from starting sites.