chat with your Facebook friends using yahoo messenger

Recently yahoo has launched its new Beta version of messenger which is having a lot of features such as sharing the status with some of social networking sites like Facebook Twitter etc,. instantly by updating the status at Yahoo messenger and even you can chat with the Facebook friends directly from the yahoo messenger 🙂 this is really cool app by yahoo as there are many chat clients facebook like Digsby, AOL, Meebo  etc but since from many years people are using Yahoo messenger as it is really cool application to be in contact with friends.

Now New Yahoo messenger  is providing a option to connect to face book friends and we we once grant the permission then it automatically gathers the contacts of people who are in online in the chat window. 
When u change the status of your yahoo messenger then it will be automatically updated in Facebook as well as Twitter. 

Note: while connecting with Facebook and Yahoo Messenger: 

Many of you may have multiple facebook accounts so make sure that you connect to your desired account or not wile you are granting permission to facebook if any thing goes wrong go to Messenger>Preferences  (Ctrl+Shift+P) and change your account preferences. 

I think this is really best application for Social Media Promoters as we can create a list of people and can share the link at a time to every one. 

Just have a look on the New Yahoo messenger 

This is how your messenger looks after connecting to your friends in Facebook 
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