Windows Live Writer Error 405 Occurred

Windows live writer is one the best blogging tool that are available for free. Live writer helps a lot of time in customizing post easy compared to the most other blogging clients. I have specified some interesting features of live writer in my previous post

WLR (windows live writer) supports many of the blogging plat forums such as WordPress, Blogspot, Type pad, windows live space and many more. While configuring this to wordpress blogs there was a most common error that appears is 405 error.



This error message occurs if your blog’s XML-RPC services are disabled then you cannot have the permission to publish on the blog.

In order to fix this issue you need to go to your dashboard in your wordpress blog, navigate to settings > writings option. Here you need to enable


Why You should use Windows Live Writer


Windows Live write is the best desktop application for blogging. It supports many blogging plat forums such as WordPress, Blogger, Type Pad and many more. One of the main use of this windows Live writes is we can work offline too we can write the post on a particular topic and we can save it as draft, so that we can edit the further information which is necessary for the particular topic. If you are writing and article on “how to” then you need a lot of time to work on it. Live writer can helps a lot  in these cases to save your article.

 Why I use windows live writer for my blog posts ?

This is really easy plat forum to write articles compared to other desktop blogging clients. It is really easy to use the images in this live writer, we can resize the image when ever it is required.

Before switching to Windows live writer I used to write in the blog directly at that time it was a bit difficult to place an image in the particular place but live write made my life easy in placing the images in my post where ever and what ever the size I need.

I used to write articles for many blogs and it took a lot of time to login in to those sites and customizing the posts. In live writer you can access multiple blogs and monitor them easily. I recommend the bloggers who are new to blogging or already in the blogging field to use this Windows live writer in order to make their work easy.

 Some of its cool features

While inserting the external link in to the post some of you are are not interested in the giving a back link to them for example if you are using an affiliate link in you article it is not necessary to give a back link to it, In order to make it no follow you need to edit its source to make it no follow but in live writer you can specify this option while inserting the link itself.

It is easy to insert the excel sheets or tables while you are comparing two different products or giving rating for an particular product.

What are you waiting for ? If you haven’t use this awesome desktop application for blogging just try this I’m sure that this will make the life easy. You can download the live write directly from the Microsoft official site here

3 Things to be considered Before Linking to Another Site

As every Optimizer is well familiar with the importance of the back linking towards their web site and here i am going to discuss the 3 most important things to be considered before choosing a back link from another site. Getting a back linking for the same niche is very important for every web site as all the search engines consider it as the vote towards the web site.

Apart of having unique content and easily crawlable website, link building is most important task to rank high in search engines. Well it is not necessary to get a back link from the web site which not ranking on the SE’s, in fact obtaining the links from these website may harm your position in the Search Engines.

Incoming link i.e, other sites linking towards you will not let you into troubles. However the out going links i.e., the your link on other sites  may bring you into trouble if they are not maintaining properly. Linking to the sites which are penalized by Google may results your site getting penalty.

Before linking to another site, you should consider the following things to ensure that your site never get into troubles due to bad outgoing links.

1. Search for the site’s domain name in major search engines : 

If the site is not listed in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing it is better to stay away from it. If the sited was banned by the SE’s it may lead your site being banned. See whether all the pages were indexed by the search engines or not. Make sure the site is optimized search Engine friendly or not.

2. Find out who else is linking to them : 

If you are linking to one website have a look on the other sites who are linking to them. By search in the major search engines by “” you will get the link of the sites who are linking to to him.
Sites which are having more links towards them is befits you if you get a back link from them.

Google use to determine the importance of the web site by ranking them so it is recommended to get the back link for the site having good Page Rank. Never to try to give a back link towards a web site which is having Page Rank zero because the site may be new and not indexed to search engines or it may penalized by SE’s.

3. Avoid linking to sites that are controversial : 

Google consider some controversial topics such as gambling, adult, pharmacy, loan/debt sites which lead you in to troubles so try to avoid linking with these sites. Unless you are in the same niche never try to get link from these controversial sites. Google will penalize you for linking to another site with controversial topics. You probably will not be penalized for sites linking to you. But if you link to the sites which are not trust full you may get into the troubles and your ranking factor also decreases.

Hope you are now clear about getting a back link for the sites in link exchange process. Please don’t forget to  follow the things i mentioned above before linking to the another website.

Leave you opinion on this article and let me know if there are any more thing to be considered before Back Linking to the another site.

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How to make your blog more friendly to mobiles

In this post we want to show you how to make you blog more compatible to the mobile devices. According to Interactive Date Corp (IDC) there will be more than 1 Billion of people  access internet through mobile  by 2013. Being as a blogger u need to concentrate on that 1Billion readers from our blogs.  Most of the mobile traffic arrive from the Twitter and Facebook. 

Here come a question

How to make the blog more comfortable with mobiles..?

There are a lot of plugins for wordpress blogs in order to make the blog more friendly with the mobile. Recently Blogger is also concentrating on this issue and providing the necessary code to their customized templates. Unfortunately most of us are not using those in order give the viewers high look and feel. No need to worry of all those issues because  there are a lot of scripts that we can introduce in our blogger via Edit Html option. It takes just few seconds to place this code in your blogger.
Just follow the instructions below to make you blogger more friendly to mobiles.

Step 1 : Go to dashboard of your blogger and click on the Layout and then on Edit HTML

Step 2 : Find the following code it is located at top of your template or else Ctrl+F to search the code 

Step 3: As soon as u find the code past the following code just below the header tag

This is how your Edit HTML looks like after pasting the code.

Step 4 : Save the template.

That’s it you have done. Now your site is compatible with all mobile devices.

Give your valuable suggestions on this via comments in the comment box. 

Secret of On-Page Optimization tip for designers

On-Page optimization is one of the key part in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) While optimizing an site we need to optimize it from the basic level i.e from its construction itself in order to make the site more friendly with the Search Engines. Every search Engine optimizer consider only in the Meta Tags and the Alt image tags, internal linking of the individual pages by targeting the keywords in them.

In this article i’m going to share one of the grate Secret tip of the On-page optimization in order to make search engines crawl your description in the page. Many of the optimizers wont share their tips as they are working from many days or years on the Particular field and they called that as “experience” i approached many of the Search Engine Optimizer‘s regarding the things that we do in the optimizing a particular site but most of the people never share their things. And in additional they used to give me a good answer i.e as ” experience goes on you will know about these ” but i believe that knowledge increases if we share with others only. If we share then we we can able to know its defaults and drawbacks. 

As i said u earlier i just want to share one good On-Page optimizing tip to make your description  gets crawled. When SE’s (Search Engines) crawl your pages first they look in the left hand column before entering the body description. I just tell you a trick to make SE’s look into your description. 

Here is the thing what you need to do : 

Most of the designers create table as look like this 

Rather than creating the table looks like above you need to create the table look like this…

By doing this Google will read the top left hand column/row first and recognize that it is empty and jumps into the body part and as soon it is crawled then it comes back and crawls your navigation links. 

Thats it…

While making description for your page make sure it is rich in keywords phrases. So that your description will have higher value. 

How to add meta description tag to every blog post of blog spot

 Meta description tag is very important and most friendly with all Search Engine. Most of the search engine optimizer’s concentrate on this meta description. So in this post i want to show you How to add meta description tag to every blog post of blogspot blog. We can add the meta description and meta tags to our  blog spot and this will be shown in all the blog posts which we posted. Unfortunately this is not search engine friendly though your blog got crawled by search engines your post is not appeared when a person search for the keyword which you have posted. Because of this reason many bloggers are getting migrated to word press blogging. In word press blogs we can find many SEO plugins to make our blog more search engine friendly. In order to over come this problem in blogger i am going to show you a single line code. This helps you to make your blog spot blog more search engine friendly. 
By adding this code to your blogger it makes search engines to  crawl your description as your meta tag. So You have to make sure that you have added the keyword and keyword  phrases in the first 2-3 lines of your blog post. 
Step1 – Go to tour Blogger dash board > Design > Edit Html > Enable the click box of expand widget template 
Step2 – Search for the code below

Step3 – After finding this code place the below code just below to the code above i,e., Step2

Thats all you have done..!!

So from now when ever the search engines craw your blog then your description will be takes as your blog post meta tag.  The above tag helps you in giving meta description for your individual post.

Use two gtalks on one desktop

Hi many of u have two GMail id’s and u want to operate both the id’s at the same time and many of you use Gtalk LabsEdition to full fill this problem or some one of you might use Gtalk in GMail. I have a solution to over come this problem there is a very small trick for this and i have tested and now giving for you. By this we can use two gtalks at a time in one desktop. All the thing u need to do is just follow the instructions given below. 

1. First create a shortcut for Google Talk on the desktop, start menu, or quick link.
2. Right-Click on shortcut icon and select properties.
3. Modify Target Box: “your_filepath\googletalk.exe” /nomutex 
(eg. “C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe” /nomutex )
4. Click Ok.
5. Double click on icon for each instance of Gtalk you wish to open. 

And this is how it looks like after having your accounts 

Google toolbar for chrome

Google toolbar is the most use full too for SEO people and this is only available for Firefox and IE. This Toolbar helps to know the website status and its ranking. In this article i am going to show u how to use google toolbar for chrome 🙂
I have provide some java scripts below just use them and create ur own google toolbar for ur chrome in this u can use ur required tools. Just copy the java script which u want and then right click on the bookmarks tab of  ur chrome and there u can find the ” Add page ” option just click on that and past the java script on the url position and just click ok then ur tool gets ready for ur browser.
Just follow the screenshots provided below..

Here are the java scripts:
Google Cache: 

Google Links:

Google Site:

Search for URL

Google Images from Site

Google Info:

Related Sites/Pages

Translate Page to English

Pages Indexed in Yahoo

Pages Indexed in MSN

Yahoo Directory

Alexa Rank Details

Delicious Bookmarks


URL Mentions on Digg

DomainTools Domain Lookup

Validate Page CSS at W3C

Highlight Nofollow Links Red

Show Domains Robots.txt

Page Last Modified Date

Number of Links on a Page

Up One Level

Up to the Domains Top Level

Highlight all Links on a page Yellow

Make URL’s Clickable

Display all links on a page in new tab

Removes Flash, Java and Background Music

Google Talk Widget For Blogger / BlogSpot

Google Talk is one of the most popular IM clients on  the Web. The Google Talk Widget for Blogger will help you in adding an elegant Google Talk badge to your Blogger / BlogSpot Blog.
The Google Talk Widget comes in 2 varieties. You can add any of these two widgets.Both of them are different and work differently 🙂

1.Google Chat Back Gadget – This gadget allows your visitors to IM you without revealing your Gmail can chat with your blog visitors like what you normally do with your IM buddies. The only difference here is that your identity wont be revealed.

How to Install the Google Chat Back Gadget?

1. Login with your Google Account at Google Talk Badges
2.Copy the HTML Code generated by Google
3.Now login to your Blogger Account and Navigate to Layout > Page Elements Page
4.Click the Add Gadget Link and Opt to add an HTML/JavaScript Gadget
5.Paste the HTML code(that we copied) into the Gadget and Save it.
6.Now you should see the Google Chat Back Widget on your Blog’s sidebar.
Here is a Screenshot of what the Google Chat Back Widget will look like
2. Google Talk Gadget – This Gadget is just like the Google Talk Interface within your Gmail. This will allow your  blog visitors to login to Google Talk. It is better to say that, once you add this gadget, your blog can serve as a Google Talk IM Client. This Widget wont allow the visitors to chat with you. If the visitor logs into his Google Talk account(via this Google Talk Gadget), he will be able to chat with his Google Talk Buddies and not with you(the blog owner)unless you were already on his buddy list 🙂

Link to me widget for blogger

This is a nice little widget which can find its place in your blog’s sidebar.You might want to let your readers link back to you in an easy way.We will now make a newLink To Me Widget which will display the code needed for a reader to link back to your blog.We will also provide a Add link using Blogger Button.

This button will work like a widget installer,which makes it easier for your readers to add your link.They can link back to you easily by adding your link to me widget.

How to make the Link to me Widget?

1.First of all Make a Small Logo of your blog,which can easily fit into any blog sidebars.It should be small and pretty 😛
2.Now upload this image somewhere.[You can use blogger to upload the logo if you want or you can opt for some service like]

3.Now note the url of this uploaded image
4.Ok now you Copy the following  Code into a Text File
<p>If you like this blog,then link back to me.<br/>
This is what you will see.p>
<div style="text-align: center;">
<a style="border:0px;text-decoration:none;" href="Your_Blog_URL" title="Your_Blog_Title">
<img alt="Your_Blog_Title" style="border: 0px;" src="Url_of_a_Small_logo_of_your_blog"/>
<textarea rows="3" cols="30">
<a href="Your_Blog_URL" title="Your_Blog_Title" style="text-decoration:none;border:0;">
<img src="Url_of_a_Small_logo_of_your_blog" alt="Your_Blog_Title" style="border:0" />

Optionally use this Widget installer to add this link to your blogger blog.

<form action="" method="post" target="_blank">
<input style="display: none;" value="My Favourite Site" name="widget.title"/>
<textarea style="display: none;" name="widget.content">
<a href="Your_Blog_URL" title="Your_Blog_Title" style="text-decoration:none;border:0;">
<img src="Url_of_a_Small_logo_of_your_blog" alt="Your_Blog_Title" style="border:0" />
<input style="border:0px;" src="" value="Link To Your_Blog_Title" name="go" type="image"/>
5.In this code replace all occurrences of Your_Blog_Title with the Title of your blog
6.Replace all occurrences of Your_Blog_URL with the url of your blog.
7.Replace all occurrences of Url_of_a_Small_logo_of_your_blog with the url of the logo that you uploaded.
8.Now your code is Ready!!
9.Copy out the modified code from your text editor.
10.Now Goto Blogger > Layout page
11.Choose to add a gadget and Opt for HTML/Javascript
12.In that widget paste the modified Code and Save.