How to protect your blog from spam bouts with out using any plugin

From a couple of days my blog is getting a lot of comments which are irrelevant to the content. I came to know that these comments are being generated automatically using some autopilots and spam bots. And then I started search on this issue and came across many plugins. Each and every plugin has their own strategy in preventing the comment spam. And I don’t want to use plugins for this simple issue because I know that using a lot plugins may slow down my blog loading time. Then one of my friend told me that we can prevent these spam bots using the htaccess file in the root directory then I search for the code which can help my blog from the spam and came across many scripts. I came to know that by preventing wp-comment-post.php file I can redirect the spam bots and make them not spamming my posts via use less comments.


We can do this my placing few lines in our htaccess file and the code comes here

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} .wp-comments-post\.php*
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !.*yourdomainname.* [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} ^$
RewriteRule (.*) ^http://%{REMOTE_ADDR}/$ [R=301,L]

By using this code in your htaccess file you can protect your wp-comments-post.php file from the spamming bots. Before using the code take backup of your old code, if any thing goes wrong it will helps you. Don’t forget to replace your domain name in the above code.

By using this this code you can reduce your spam comments which is coming from autopilots and spam bots.

Which method are you using in your wordpress blog to protect from spam, Plugin or just monitoring with htaccess file ??

How to Integrate Google Multi AuthorShip in WordPress Blog

Recently Google rolled up with many features on its search results and one of the most attractive thing is show is author profile pix in the its search results. There are a lot of tutorials on the web which helps to to display the profile image for a single author blog. In this article I am going to show you how to display the Google profile images for multi authored wordpress blogs.


If you see Mashable search results there you can find the Google plus profile pictures of the authors which really looks professional. Many of you may having multi authored blogs and you too want to show your blog results professional.

In order to implement this feature in your wordpress blog you need to install a plugin called Allow REL= and HTML in Author Bios this helps to enable REL= option in your wordpress blog by default wordpress wont allow to use REL= function in order to enable this you need to install this plugin and activate it.

Step by step to guide to enable Multi AuthorShip

1. First you have to ask your authors to place your blog link in his/her Google profile. It is preferred to place + in front of their name “ex: +Manendra” followed by your blog link.

2. No go to your author box which is located at the users profile i.e, “ Users>All Users> select the author name > Contact info” now a new box will be shown in your contact info section which is asking Google profile URL


3. Now you have to enable “rel=author me” you can place this in the author box as shown in the below image

Google Multi AuthorShip in WordPress Blog-author -bio

I recommend you to use rel=”author me” rather than using rel=”author” because wordpress creates a different pages for each user if you use rel=”author” it may create problem.

Repeat this same process for each and every other in your blog or else ask them to add this tag to their author bio box.

I already recommended to use + before or after of the anchor tag. not only me even Google recommends the same…

That’s it you are done. Once you were done with this you can test in by going to Google’s Rich Snippets Testing Tool, to see the preview how it is going to be displayed on Google’s search results.  It should look similar to the below image.

Google Multi AuthorShip in WordPress Blog

If you don’t find the your image like the above please go through the process again and follow the steps care fully.

If you integrate Google multi authorship in wordpress Blog share your experience with us and if you fail to show your image please feel free to as me the questions in the below comment section.

How To Install wordpress in localhost desktop

Install wordpress in your local host desktop to make the necessary changes in your blog or web site. As we know that it is very difficulty to edit the template of the blog regularly in the hosting panel (web space) in order to make the changes it is highly recommended to do them off line i.e test all your changes in your local host. 
Word press is SEO friendly and there are many tool available in web to make the wordpress blog or site more search friendly. So many of the bloggers choose to the wordpress as their blogging plat forum. Because it makes their work easy. So in this article i’m going to tel you “how to install wordpress in localhost desktop“.  

Word press comes with .php scripting. In order to execute the .PHP files we need to have local host. There are lot of softwares on the web which makes our desktop as local host. One of the software among those is WAMP server. This WAMP server is 100% free software which is available in the market.

Thing you need to host a wordpress in local desktop is WAMP Server and word press installer.

First get your need to  Download WAMP SERVER as soon as you download you are ready to install it on your machine. Below i have provided you step by step process how to install the WAMP Server in your desktop. 

Click on Next 
Accept Agreement and Click on Next
Click on Next
Click on Create Desktop icon if you needed and Click on Next
Click on Install
Installation is being processed 
Don’t change any thing just click on next  

As soon as the installation is done you can see an icon at your task bar right side
Just refresh it by clicking on the right button of your mouse. 

If you see this window after clicking on the right button you will see this above image if you see this then it is conform that you have installed WAMP Server successfully. 

Now you need to download the wordpress installation set up. You can download the set up from

As soon as you download the set up unzip the folder and  copy the wordpress set up in the C drive of your machine. 
Open the WAMP folder in your C: drive 

Open the WWW folder in WAMP folder 

Past the wordpress installation file here.
After saving the wordpress folder in WWW folder go to your browser and type http://localhost 
You will observe the window  as shown below
As soon as you observe the above the window click on the PHP my Admin to create database 
As soon as you create the database just go to your browser and type the following http://localhost/wordpress you will observe the window as shown below then just follow the screen instructions and follow the steps carefully 

Make sure that you type user name as root  leave the password column blank 

After installation  you will find the below window where you need to give the log in details which you used in the above steps.
Here is your wordpress dashboard on your desktop. 

Now you can make all the necessary changes on your blog or web site on desktop in off line mode as soon as the changes are done you need to download the data base from the PhpMyAdmin and upload it to your web server to show sour changes to viewers. 

So by this step every thing is completed in setting up the word press in your localhost desktop. 
There are lot of plugins available on this web to optimize the wordpress in coming articles i am going to show you how to make more use of the wordpress and its blogging.