Features of Facebook Questions

Facebook is one the fastest growing network in the social media because of it easy applications and user friendly mode. Facebook has a lot of features which makes users not to go away from its page. 

One of the feature among those is ” Facebook Questions ” many of the search engines like Yahoo Google have this feature but Yahoo answers is the most popular one that every one know. Facebook introduced this feature a long back but is is not available in INDIA yet now is is giving the access INDIAN users too. 

This facebook questions it is similar to the yahoo answers it have the topics and in this u need to select the topic that you are interested or your having doubts. You can ask question at any time through the status bar. And there are lot of people who helps you in solving your problem. 

I think this feature makes a lot of friends who are interested in a same topic. And this is the right place to exchange the ideas and the knowledge form each other. 

Facebook Questions is available at http://www.facebook.com/questions/ here you can share your views on the questions that people ask. 
Here is a brief look on on the facebook questions

If you are not having access to Facebook Questions here how the link displays. 

If you see the above window then you need to wait till your turn comes πŸ™‚

If you got access to Facebook questions here is how your pages looks like :

You can access your Facebook questions from the status bar too here comes the look .

You can choose different topics which you want to participate 

So what do you think on this Facebook Questions ..??? 

How to make your blog more friendly to mobiles

In this post we want to show you how to make you blog more compatible to the mobile devices. According to Interactive Date Corp (IDC) there will be more than 1 Billion of people  access internet through mobile  by 2013. Being as a blogger u need to concentrate on that 1Billion readers from our blogs.  Most of the mobile traffic arrive from the Twitter and Facebook. 

Here come a question

How to make the blog more comfortable with mobiles..?

There are a lot of plugins for wordpress blogs in order to make the blog more friendly with the mobile. Recently Blogger is also concentrating on this issue and providing the necessary code to their customized templates. Unfortunately most of us are not using those in order give the viewers high look and feel. No need to worry of all those issues because  there are a lot of scripts that we can introduce in our blogger via Edit Html option. It takes just few seconds to place this code in your blogger.
Just follow the instructions below to make you blogger more friendly to mobiles.

Step 1 : Go to dashboard of your blogger and click on the Layout and then on Edit HTML

Step 2 : Find the following code it is located at top of your template or else Ctrl+F to search the code 

Step 3: As soon as u find the code past the following code just below the header tag

This is how your Edit HTML looks like after pasting the code.

Step 4 : Save the template.

That’s it you have done. Now your site is compatible with all mobile devices.

Give your valuable suggestions on this via comments in the comment box. 

People Who inspired me in blogging

Hello friends, I wanted to share the bloggers who inspired me to enter into blogging. As, I have a great passion towards blogging but I used to have bit confusion

  1. what to blog ?
  2. how to promote it ?
  3. will i become a best blogger ?

In search of this blogging issue, I came across few people who are really awesome and very help full and they are success full bloggers and entrepreneurs in their own niche and most of these people says how to make money online a great niche in this web and every person on the web search for certain keyword had done really great work and get succeeded. Here are the my idol bloggers and entrepreneurs. I am not a great person to say words about these people. But I want to let newbies to know about them!

1. Harsh Agrawal : I think this is the most famous name that every blogger knows.

Harsh Agrawal is a full time blogger and before becoming a professional blogger he used to work in an IT firm Convergys in India. As many of the people think that getting settled in a software job and that too in a big MNC is their goal but he left his job for blogging and started making money online by sitting in home via blogging i think to take a decision like this is really a hard step. But Harsh Agrawal did that and got succeeded in blogging career.

He blogs at shoutmeloud and he shares his views on the social media and wordpress and wordpress SEO. This was his first blog, by experiencing various tasks to popular his blog harsh came across many things and he started sharing those in blogs. In his blogging career he learned many thing and started sharing through them via services some of them are

Blogspot to wordpress migration
WordPress SEO
Thesis Theme customization

He shares his view and latest apps of mobiles via blog called callingallgeeks this is a blog where you can find the gadgets and apps of all latest mobiles and latest changes in the India Telecom services.

Recently he started a new service i.e Domain booking services as shoutmydomain. In this he offers domains for a very cheep compared to other service providers. He is really busy blogger whom i never came across till now.
I wondered with one of his word ” i just don’t have time to promote

Connect with Nicola Deiana @ FaceBook @ Twitter

2. Nicola Deiana : He is one of the most famous affiliate blogger.

Nicola Deiana makes money by selling the affiliate products. He is one of the blogger who makes 4 finger $ by selling the products online and through adsence programs. I have read his success story via his e-Book. He shares all the things how to make online and explains his online success steps to make money through web.
Before coming to blogging he used to work as a software professional and he quit the job and entered into the blogging field. He got succeeded in this as a affiliate marketer.

He blogs at The3dtechnologies and he sells his products as a product review and promotion he offers some wordpress services such as

wordpress blog maintenance
Setting up new wordpress blog
Off-Page optimization

He is really very helping person and he clarify all the doubts of mine when ever i ask him. He was my second inspiring blogger.
I have to learn a lot of time management form him as he is very dedicated in this aspect. I like his slogan .

I’m not a milionaire, but I’m living as full time blogger, and I want to show you what I learned

Connect with Nicola Deiana @ FaceBook @ Twitter

3. Siddartha Thota :

Siddartha is a part time blogger who blogs at Gadgetcage where he shares his knowledge in latest happenings on the web as the name suggests it is a cage where you can get all latest info about gadget’s, Technology, SEO, Social Media tips, Internet and many more. He shares some great tips on the SEO and link building. He is an final year engineering student. He earns money through adsence program and free lance works. I think after completing his studies he may become a full time blogger πŸ™‚ He is a Social Media Expert and he knows the value of social media and now he is offering this as a service. He is planning to become a SEO professional by the end of this year. I wish him all success and soon to see him as a SEO professional. He offers some services such as

Blogspot to wordpress migration
Thesis theme customization
WordPress blog Maintenance
WordPress SEO
Web Designing
Social Media Promotions

He is really cool who helps others in sharing the info which he knew and most helping nature. As now i am planning to learn about WordPress and its maintenance from him. He is a busy guy as a free lancer as he wont have lot of time to do his projects so I am waiting for a day when he will be free πŸ™‚

Connect with Siddartha @ FaceBook @ Twitter

4.Vishal Sanjay : Well know as kid blogger of India

I think make of you might know about Vishal Sanjay as he was a 14years young bloggers who is ruling the social media world πŸ™‚ He knew the value of Social media and how to make money through that at the age of 12 and he started blogging and now he is one of the best social media promoter.
He blogs at dumblittleblogger in this he shares his view on the web 3.0 and how to make more use of that. He is making money as a free lancer and social media promoter and through adsence programs. He writes really great articles on social media and its happenings in a detailed view and attracts viewers from his valuable words and i think his writing skills are his most valuable thing in his blogging career. He was interviewed by 101.3 FM on his success as a social media promotion.
He offers some services like

Social Media Promotion
Search Engine Optimization
Web Designing
internet business and marketing consultancy

I think he is having a great career as internet entrepreneur and a success full blogger. He is one of the most help full person as he believe that helping each other helps increases knowledge as well as the net work. A great thing about him is at the age of 14 he is offering some great web promotional services which mentioned above.
I just not able to understand how he is managing his studies πŸ™‚ And he is one more guy from whom i need to learn time management.

I like his sayings ” Don’t spend too much time in bed, because only prostitutes make money there

Connect with Vishal Sanjay @ FaceBook @ Twitter

5. Arun Kumar : Kothapally Arun is an internet marketer of Xcubelabs

Well i am really happy to write about this Arun as i know him personally as we both are on the same way i.e SEO and SMO Professionals. He blogs at choosyinfo where he shares his view on social media and marketing online. He is really great social media entrepreneur and inter marketer. He has a great view on social media and how to make traffic through that and how to promote the business online. He is very cool in nature as how he looks he shares every thing which he know and his experience in the seminars and meetings that he attended via posts in this blog.
I just came across with him via his e-Book of WordPress SEO and approached him with some i had a great response from him and clarified many of mu doubts on WordPress and i met him personally at Hyd and on that day i felt that i met a great person he have a great view on the Search Engines and how to make more use of them in driving traffic. He is organic traffic builder too.
He know how to promote a business and sell the products online if he becomes professional blogger i am sure that he is going to rule it.

Connect with Arun @ FaceBook @ Twitter

I am looking towards the day when these great people do comments in my blog and ask me to give access to write guest post to promote their link πŸ˜›

chat with your Facebook friends using yahoo messenger

Recently yahoo has launched its new Beta version of messenger which is having a lot of features such as sharing the status with some of social networking sites like Facebook Twitter etc,. instantly by updating the status at Yahoo messenger and even you can chat with the Facebook friends directly from the yahoo messenger πŸ™‚ this is really cool app by yahoo as there are many chat clients facebook like Digsby, AOL, Meebo  etc but since from many years people are using Yahoo messenger as it is really cool application to be in contact with friends.

Now New Yahoo messenger  is providing a option to connect to face book friends and we we once grant the permission then it automatically gathers the contacts of people who are in online in the chat window. 
When u change the status of your yahoo messenger then it will be automatically updated in Facebook as well as Twitter. 

Note: while connecting with Facebook and Yahoo Messenger: 

Many of you may have multiple facebook accounts so make sure that you connect to your desired account or not wile you are granting permission to facebook if any thing goes wrong go to Messenger>Preferences  (Ctrl+Shift+P) and change your account preferences. 

I think this is really best application for Social Media Promoters as we can create a list of people and can share the link at a time to every one. 

Just have a look on the New Yahoo messenger 

This is how your messenger looks after connecting to your friends in Facebook 
Say your comments on this post via comments in the below comment box πŸ™‚ 

Is Google copying bing features

Is Google Copying Bing..?

Since from past few months there is a lot of change in the Google features such as..
1. Adding a background image to your Google homepage
2. Making search more easy by introducing the side bar.
3. Google instant Search
4. Google Instant Preview 

Google says that they are very strict about the copyscape of the content and spam protecting but it is copying the features of Bing πŸ˜›

Few months back Google copied a Big feature  i.e having a custom background image for Google search window. This background feature is first introduced by Bing and this is the first change made in the MSN 
Just have a brief look on this feature

Adding a custom Background to Google home page  
As after releasing this feature google again copied one more feature of Bing i.e by introducing the left hand side bar which makes the search more comfortable in getting the exact search results. This made a lot of drastic change in the google search in getting the desired results. 
Here comes the another copied feature 

After releasing this recently google introduced a new feature that is Google instant preview feature  in this feature google shows the design of the web site which we are going to view. As bing introduced this feature a long back by showing the Meta Description, Title of the web page but google made a small change in that and it is showing the whole web page which is cached by its robots when the page has been crawled. 
Here come the features 

So let us wait and see how many more features copied by Google in feature πŸ™‚
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Google Instant Preview looks like Bing Search

Recent Google has launched launched its Instant Search to make the search results more faster than ever. This Instant Search made a revolution in the SEO market as it is sowing the results instantly with high speed what every we are going to type further. Because of this instant Search many Search Engine Optimizer’s start optimizing the sites with new long tail keyword. Using the long tail keyword is the only search a big solution to over come the web site in SERP’s.

And by the time Google has announced that is is going to be launch the new magnification feature in order to show the best results for the googler’s and now it has launched its Instant Preview. And the main aim of releasing this Instant Preview is..
  • Quickly compare results – A visual comparison of search results helps you pick the one that’s right for you. Quickly flip through previews to see which page looks best.

  • Pinpoint relevant content – Text call outs, in orange, will sometimes highlight where your search terms appear on the webpage so you can evaluate if it’s what you’re looking for.

  • Interact with the results page – Page previews let you see the layout of a webpage before clicking the search result. Looking for a chart, picture, map or list? See if you can spot one in the preview

And i think this is also going to make a revolution as we can see that is the structure of the web site.
And now people will look in to the web site directly and by the preview so i think form now the web masters should concentrate on the look and feel to impress the googler’s. 

MSN already using this feature in its Bing Search by giving the information which is available in the page as as content and i think it is the best thing than viewing the whole web page as in this new interface of google we can’t see the content in the page πŸ™ 

Here is quick preview of both the searches in Google as well as Bing 

Gmail introduces 5 new themes.

Recently Google is updating its look and feel in order to make the users more friendly atmosphere when a visitor comes to its page. In this way Google has introduces 5 new themes for Gmail in order to make the users to fell a bit different. These themes are really cool and these are being loaded faster also.

Here comes the new five designs of Gmail :

Basic Black


Tree Tops

Basic White 
How to activate these themes..??
  Go to setting at the top right hand side  of the navigating bar and then click on the Themes tab and choose the latest themes to activate in your Gmail page. 
share  your view via comments in the below comment box πŸ™‚

Secret of On-Page Optimization tip for designers

On-Page optimization is one of the key part in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) While optimizing an site we need to optimize it from the basic level i.e from its construction itself in order to make the site more friendly with the Search Engines. Every search Engine optimizer consider only in the Meta Tags and the Alt image tags, internal linking of the individual pages by targeting the keywords in them.

In this article i’m going to share one of the grate Secret tip of the On-page optimization in order to make search engines crawl your description in the page. Many of the optimizers wont share their tips as they are working from many days or years on the Particular field and they called that as “experience” i approached many of the Search Engine Optimizer‘s regarding the things that we do in the optimizing a particular site but most of the people never share their things. And in additional they used to give me a good answer i.e as ” experience goes on you will know about these ” but i believe that knowledge increases if we share with others only. If we share then we we can able to know its defaults and drawbacks. 

As i said u earlier i just want to share one good On-Page optimizing tip to make your description  gets crawled. When SE’s (Search Engines) crawl your pages first they look in the left hand column before entering the body description. I just tell you a trick to make SE’s look into your description. 

Here is the thing what you need to do : 

Most of the designers create table as look like this 

Rather than creating the table looks like above you need to create the table look like this…

By doing this Google will read the top left hand column/row first and recognize that it is empty and jumps into the body part and as soon it is crawled then it comes back and crawls your navigation links. 

Thats it…

While making description for your page make sure it is rich in keywords phrases. So that your description will have higher value. 

How To Install wordpress in localhost desktop

Install wordpress in your local host desktop to make the necessary changes in your blog or web site. As we know that it is very difficulty to edit the template of the blog regularly in the hosting panel (web space) in order to make the changes it is highly recommended to do them off line i.e test all your changes in your local host. 
Word press is SEO friendly and there are many tool available in web to make the wordpress blog or site more search friendly. So many of the bloggers choose to the wordpress as their blogging plat forum. Because it makes their work easy. So in this article i’m going to tel you “how to install wordpress in localhost desktop“.  

Word press comes with .php scripting. In order to execute the .PHP files we need to have local host. There are lot of softwares on the web which makes our desktop as local host. One of the software among those is WAMP server. This WAMP server is 100% free software which is available in the market.

Thing you need to host a wordpress in local desktop is WAMP Server and word press installer.

First get your need to  Download WAMP SERVER as soon as you download you are ready to install it on your machine. Below i have provided you step by step process how to install the WAMP Server in your desktop. 

Click on Next 
Accept Agreement and Click on Next
Click on Next
Click on Create Desktop icon if you needed and Click on Next
Click on Install
Installation is being processed 
Don’t change any thing just click on next  

As soon as the installation is done you can see an icon at your task bar right side
Just refresh it by clicking on the right button of your mouse. 

If you see this window after clicking on the right button you will see this above image if you see this then it is conform that you have installed WAMP Server successfully. 

Now you need to download the wordpress installation set up. You can download the set up from wordpress.org

As soon as you download the set up unzip the folder and  copy the wordpress set up in the C drive of your machine. 
Open the WAMP folder in your C: drive 

Open the WWW folder in WAMP folder 

Past the wordpress installation file here.
After saving the wordpress folder in WWW folder go to your browser and type http://localhost 
You will observe the window  as shown below
As soon as you observe the above the window click on the PHP my Admin to create database 
As soon as you create the database just go to your browser and type the following http://localhost/wordpress you will observe the window as shown below then just follow the screen instructions and follow the steps carefully 

Make sure that you type user name as root  leave the password column blank 

After installation  you will find the below window where you need to give the log in details which you used in the above steps.
Here is your wordpress dashboard on your desktop. 

Now you can make all the necessary changes on your blog or web site on desktop in off line mode as soon as the changes are done you need to download the data base from the PhpMyAdmin and upload it to your web server to show sour changes to viewers. 

So by this step every thing is completed in setting up the word press in your localhost desktop. 
There are lot of plugins available on this web to optimize the wordpress in coming articles i am going to show you how to make more use of the wordpress and its blogging.

How to make Google to fall in love with your website

Hi friends today i want to share few things about Google and “ how to make Google to fall in love with your web site or blog. 
I think Google is similar to a beautiful girl. Just think how you impress a girl to love you. You will show more interest towards her and you will make many thing to impress her to look at you.  In the same manner you need to impress the Google or any other Se’s (Search Engines)

Here are some of the things that a common person does to impress a girl: 

1. Waring a nice dress
2. Exposing your talent with others. 
3. Showing grate respect 
4. Having good conversation
5. Showing interest in her
6. Respecting her friends and giving value to their opinions 
7. Being polite to her parents
8. Not criticize her
9. Being careful with what you say
10. Making her feel good
11. Being honest
12. Not ignoring her

These are some of the best ways to impress a girl and you need to follow the same things if you want to make Google or any SE to fall in love with your blog or a web site. 

Here i am going to say few tips to impress Google or any Search Engine: 

1. Build the site structure which is friendly with search engines by placing the right keywords and maintaining the w3 standards. 
2. Provide all the information in the landing page so that the visitor gets impressed with the page and visits the site frequently. This is a grate step for Search Engine Optimizers and designers as all you  talent will be shown here.
3. Content should be easy to understand and use the targeted keywords in the article and give hyper link to the targeted pages. 
4. Make  conversation with your audience by giving some give away contest and by placing poll and ask your visitors questions and try to maintain the long conversation. 
5. Be patience regarding the indexing and getting high rank. All this comes long run as you know that SEO is not a over night job.
6. Give value to your audience and respond to their doubts and help them to build their business. 
7. Follow the web master guide lines while optimizing and writing any article don’t stuff  lot of keywords in the content. 
8. Don’t ping too much of you links to search engines in order to index you page (Google is god god takes a look on each and every one in this world in the similar way Google crawls each and every page in a web site)
9. When you are talking or discussing a topic be care full and share the things which you are more familiar. Don’t go too depth because there may be a chance of thinking you as a spammer so be shot and clear. 
10. Maintain quality in the content which you are distributing and be friendly with the co-owners of the similar business and stay in touch with the blogs which are related to your niche. 
11. While you are offering any service be honesty and give your best and never try to cheat the audience as audience are the gods of our pages because as much they spend the tome on page that much the value increase.
12. Never  give up for any thing that you face while maintaining the blog or web site most of the bloggers stop blogging because they wont see good results and the traffic to their blogs. If you are not getting traffic means there is some thing wrong in you so correct those mistakes by approaching good bloggers or Search Engine Optimizer to full fill your needs.  

These are some the views which i feel to impress Google or any search engines in the organic and easy way. If any one of you fell some thing different please share your views in form of comments. As every one will have their own approach to either a Girl or a SEARCH ENGINE. So share your views on this topic.