Google AdWords Editor get updated to V9.5

Google Adwords released a new version of Google Adwords editor 9.5 for both Windows users and Mac users. This is new version come up with couple of cool features such as grate control over experiments, ads support for location extensions. Google Adwords editor is of the best desktop PPC management tool for all Google Adwords users you can manage all your campaigns from your desktop and you can manage many number of accounts at the same time which is really help full for the people who are handling good number of PPC campaigns for multiple clients. In this new update they make few changes which will help to manage the ad campaigns easy compared to previous version.

Key Features of Adwords Editor 9.5

Adding support for images and extension is now available in V9.5. Now users can use several image sizes for both desktop as well as mobile ads, and local extension can now be created or edit directly from Adwords editor. Adding multiple items become easer now compared to the old version.

The most important key change in this update is setting up control for ad experiments, now users can

  • Alter experiment status on the ad group, ad, or keyword level.
  • Edit default bids at the ad group level.
  • Alter bid multipliers at the keyword level.
  • Upload and download experiment details as CSV or XML.

 Background Download

This is the one the best feature which is available in this update. If you are working for a couple of accounts which manages some big campaigns you can just download them in the background while you are working on another account. This save a lot of time in managing the other campaigns.

This is update saves a lot of time in managing the multiple ad campaigns so I recommend you do download this new version and use it for your ad management and make your life easy.

If you haven’t tried this Adwords Editor I recommend to use it now and save the most of your valuable time, if you are already using this share your reviews on this Google Adwords Editor.