Why You should use Windows Live Writer


Windows Live write is the best desktop application for blogging. It supports many blogging plat forums such as WordPress, Blogger, Type Pad and many more. One of the main use of this windows Live writes is we can work offline too we can write the post on a particular topic and we can save it as draft, so that we can edit the further information which is necessary for the particular topic. If you are writing and article on “how to” then you need a lot of time to work on it. Live writer can helps a lot  in these cases to save your article.

 Why I use windows live writer for my blog posts ?

This is really easy plat forum to write articles compared to other desktop blogging clients. It is really easy to use the images in this live writer, we can resize the image when ever it is required.

Before switching to Windows live writer I used to write in the blog directly at that time it was a bit difficult to place an image in the particular place but live write made my life easy in placing the images in my post where ever and what ever the size I need.

I used to write articles for many blogs and it took a lot of time to login in to those sites and customizing the posts. In live writer you can access multiple blogs and monitor them easily. I recommend the bloggers who are new to blogging or already in the blogging field to use this Windows live writer in order to make their work easy.

 Some of its cool features

While inserting the external link in to the post some of you are are not interested in the giving a back link to them for example if you are using an affiliate link in you article it is not necessary to give a back link to it, In order to make it no follow you need to edit its source to make it no follow but in live writer you can specify this option while inserting the link itself.

It is easy to insert the excel sheets or tables while you are comparing two different products or giving rating for an particular product.

What are you waiting for ? If you haven’t use this awesome desktop application for blogging just try this I’m sure that this will make the life easy. You can download the live write directly from the Microsoft official site here