Things to be consider before making/writing a guest post

Guest blogging is one the most power full practice to get huge amount of targeted audience at the same time a quality back link form the highly repeated site which is having good page ranks. In my previous article I have discussed the Importance of Guest Blogging in bloggers career. And in this article I am going to share some of the important things to be considered before going to make a guest post, many of the people are confused in choosing the topic for guest blogging and this article will help those who to come out of confused state and give their best. Writing an article to an site which is top on you niche is not a simple task. You need to make some ground work and I do recommend to follow the following steps which will help to deliver your best.

Guest blogging

1. Choosing a Topic :

Well this one of the most difficult for many of the people who wants to write a guest post. You have to do a research on the topic which people are more interested and what are it search values. Because first impression is the best impression if you give your best then users will start following you. Never try to write for people rather than writing for search engines. Even SE’s love the content which people are interested in. Use keyword phrases with rich text content in the article. Be unique in your article I recommend not to mention any other articles as a reference as it never show your originality and your knowledge on the subject.

2. Be clear in the topic which you are going to present:

Please make a note of all the key points of your topic in a paper and try to elaborate them in a detailed manner in such a way that even a common many has to understand your article. Never deviate your topic be clear on that your are saying.

3. Use images in your article :

An old saying image speaks more than 100 words this is 100% right try to use the best image which showcases your concept. In do recommend to spend some time in searching the images with high resolution or do your own using some image editing software’s if you are not good at using them no problem our search in Google image search and Flicker be sure it should be unique and not been viewed by plenty of people. When I search for image I go for page 10+ in Google search because people never go spend long much time to search for image Smile

4. Give a good example :

Try to give a good live example while you are delivering a topic and it would be better you can make a short story in 2 to 3 lines which make people more interesting in reading your topic. By the same time don’t make them feel bore in reading your article.

5. Try to make a video/slide show :

People are spending more time in watching videos rather than reading a long description if possible make a short video or a slide show with attractive images. By doing this there are lot of benefits some of them are it shows your vision on the topic, makes you recognized as a professional and as well as people will follow you by subscribing to your videos.

I think above things will help you in writing an attractive guest post. I recommend you not to choose the topic which is having less search results and try to choose a topic which will help the others as it will benefit you in long run. Make guest blogging as a hobby so that you can increase many skills. Spend a bit more time in writing an guest post articles compared to the posts that you publish in your blog because you need to impress new people and make them to follow your site.

Are these topics will help bloggers in writing an healthy and attractive article ? Share your views on this and if you you feel any thing more important than these please feel to mention them below.