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Lot of bloggers like me dream to blog on wordpress platform as it simplify the job easy, very easy to customize the post, make it users friendly as well as the search engines. This article is especially for those who wants to blog on wordpress platform.

Now you can grab hosting space for just 1 cent..! yup you are right you can launch your dream blog or web site absolutely for $0.01.

Hostgator  offers an excellent offer for the people who wants to blog on their own servers. I strongly recommend hostgator because the team over there are really awesome and are ready to help the customers in need. They provide support 24/7 which is not available in some of other webhosting providers. There is no downtime for their server. Right now 4 of my sites were hosted on Hostgator and there is no issues with them, there is no downtime error for any of my sites.

If you are planning to choose blogging as career option then this really helps you in having your own web space.  Not only for bloggers the people who wants to sell products or market their products online through website.

This coupon code will helps you to grab an account for $0.01 (1cent) this is the best offer which is not available in other hosting providers with a lot of features. You can host unlimited domains with unlimited bandwidth.

 Some Facts About Hostgator

   Hostgator is a privately owned web hosting company that was started in 2002 and is based in Houston, Texas. They are claiming to be currently hosting more than 5 million websites and are currently having its clientage in more than 200 countries. Hostgator was awarded as one of fastest growing private company based in America in 2008 by Inc. Magazine.

Hostgator offers all kinds of the web hosting services such as Shared hosting, Reseller web hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS). One of the most key feature is all of these hosting were available in 45 days money back guaranty. By using the coupon code “websitefor1cent“ you can get your web hosting space for just 1 cent.

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